Luxury store staff rely on selling watches and famous bags for half a year to scam millions. What are the chaos in the purchasing industry?

4 thoughts on “Luxury store staff rely on selling watches and famous bags for half a year to scam millions. What are the chaos in the purchasing industry?”

  1. A luxury clerk made a hot search for a total of half a year by the purchase brand. The chaos of the purchasing industry also caused heated discussion. Many purchasing purchases are "hanging sheep heads selling dog meat", and many bags are processed in small domestic factories. After careful packaging, it becomes a brand bag in the hands of purchasing. In addition to buying imitation products from purchasing, due to problems such as purchasing channels, payment methods, and invoices, consumers are difficult to defend their rights, and the cost of rights protection is high. In addition, even if consumers buy real products, there are some problems after sales, such as poor service attitude and poor service levels.

    With the improvement of people's economic level, the quality of many people's lives has been significantly improved. Everyone not only meets the basic material needs, many people start pursuing brands, especially women like luxury bags and watches. Some luxury goods are limited edition, and sometimes they can't buy it in China, so some people choose to purchase, and we often find that someone releases purchasing news on the Internet. Limited edition, these purchases can be bought.
    Due to the personal behavior of many purchasing agents, our market regulatory authorities cannot manage it, which has also caused many chaos in the purchasing industry. According to the survey, the luxury goods purchased from the market are imitation products. These imitation products are almost no different from the genuine products. The naked eye cannot be identified at all. Only professional institutions can identify it. In addition, because consumers are transferred to the purchasing personal account and there is no formal invoice, we find that it will become difficult when imitation products are preparing for rights. Even if we are lucky enough to buy genuine luxury goods, if we encounter quality problems or maintenance problems in the later period, we will not be impatient after buying and selling.

    The purchasing industry is very deep. We can go to the specialty store to buy luxury goods ourselves, and do not buy luxury goods through purchasing channels. In addition, we should not be greedy for cheap to buy things from purchasing, and we can only suffer ourselves in the end. Finally, I also hope that the relevant departments can strengthen the supervision of the purchasing industry.

  2. The purchase of fake goods in the purchasing industry is rampant. When buying fake goods, you will make adequate preparations in advance. For example, go to the international airport to take pictures in advance, so that customers think they do go abroad. There is no way to go abroad at all, let alone go to luxury stores in other countries for consumption.

  3. Maybe these people will use our trust in him to raise the price of this product. Secondly, there are some internal news such as promotions or discounts. It may be unreal. Provide us with corresponding invoices, shopping documents, and so on.

  4. For example, the price is not relatively unified, there is no specific supply channel, and there is no relevant return voucher.

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