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    2016-11-12 answers
    I I am a professional welder, mainly looking at personal head. It depends on what level you learn. To the simplest, if you want to welded more cleverness, if you practice welding in 4 hours a day, it is okay for a month! To be great, it is hard to say that learning is endless. According to my smart, it took a few years to my first -class technology. If the silly person may not have half of me in my life! ~

    Meso Elf
    2016-11-12 Answer
    Experience accumulation is important.
    The foundation is relatively easy to get started. I don't know which one you learn or which kinds of?
    This welding to learn the transportation bar and adjust the current. When you just learn, remember not to always feed the welding sticks. Welding strips move inward along the welding. You can tilt the welding parts a little and welded from low to high.
    This arc welding to find block waste plates, directly on the plate, learn to add silk, and then two plates dock, it is still easy to get started.
    This welding is similar to the arc welding, and it is the simplest. Find 2 plates of more than 10 mm or more. The current is 250 and the voltage is about 26. Welded.

  2. In daily life, with the relationship of work, the amount of tear secretion is reduced or abnormal in the tear liquid, and symptoms such as dry eyes, sourness, and burning pain occur. What are the reasons for dry eyes? What should I do if my eyes are dry? Let ’s take a look at what fruits to eat with dry eyes.

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    The medical treatment

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  3. In our country, the welding operation needs to hold a certificate. Welders are the types of access to the accessories. Among the professional qualifications of the skill personnel, there are only five of the 81 types of work. The welders are one of them. Industry practitioners are unlicensed. With the continuous standardization of technology and the relevant requirements of the industry, more and more people want to take a welding certificate. The advantages of the verification are still very large. First of all Double or higher level. Therefore, the issue of short -term welders training has naturally become a problem that employees are more concerned about.
    The welding as an industrial "tailor" is a very important processing method in industrial production. The quality of welding quality has a decisive impact on product quality. So, what is the future development of welding technology?
    The industry prospects

    With the development of production, welding is widely used in industrial departments such as Aerospace, aviation, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, construction and machinery manufacturing, and in China In economic development, welding technology is an indispensable process. After entering the 21st century, welding is an important part of the manufacturing industry and develops rapidly. Therefore, it has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the welding industry. The situation is still unique in the situation.
    This currently consumes 300 million tons of steel (about 1.2 tons of welding structure) each year, and about 750,000 units of welding machines need to be maintained. Excellent welders have a monthly salary of more than 10,000, and their salaries are very considerable.

  4. Welders are also divided into different types of work. There are arc welded welding welding gas welding, etc., which can be separated or comprehensive. Therefore, the specific learning time is to combine the content you want to learn.

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