5 thoughts on “How can you find long -term big bull stocks?”

  1. In order to determine our operating cycle, because it is a long -term big bull market, the operating cycle cannot be too short, so we first set the operating cycle to the weekly line! When the operating cycle is set to the weekly line, we can look for stocks that are expected to become a long -term bull market on the weekly line. But how to find a long -term bull market? This is an important feature!
    The long -term bull market is usually carried out on the weekly consolidation before it can truly prove itself in the market. This long -term integration is very important because it will eventually become the foundation of a strong upward trend. To do long -term work, the main force must go through long -term fund -raising dishes. The longer the raising of the dishes, the more sufficient the main chip is, the more thorough the washing dishes. The easier it is to rise in the subsequent operations, and it may even rapidly increase the market after breakthrough integration. This is also the theoretical basis of the classic "how long levels and vertical" in the market.
    In addition, in order to capture the long -term bull market, a typical misunderstanding is fear of heights. I always feel that if the stock price is high, I dare not buy it. Instead, I buy low -cost stocks. However, in this way, you often miss the long -term bull market and buy some stocks that look very low, but in fact, there is no prospect. Low price -earnings ratio proves that the company has strong profitability, low stock price, and large room for rise. With the breakthrough of the leading performance of the leading enterprise in the industry, the stock price naturally has the motivation to rise. Secondly, once the valuation of the low -market earnings stocks starts, there is greater room for growth. If you choose the leading stocks of the industry, the price -earnings ratio is low, and investors should be patiently holding for several years, and there may be more surprises.
    In fact, in stock speculation, it is not the absolute level of stock prices, but a relatively level. As long as you can sell higher prices, the current price is not high; if the price is still low, the current price is not low. In the short term, performance has little impact on a company, but in the long run, performance is undoubtedly the basic factor in a company's 10 -fold shares. For long -term holdings, the fundamentals are the foundation. Only a good foundation can make the stock price have a "bottom" long -term bull. Compared with technology and finance, long -term bull markets are more concerned about the stocks with good fundamentals. For long -term stock choices, the focus is on the fundamentals of a single stock. We should thoroughly understand these statements and research reports in order to find gold in the sand and insight into pearls.

  2. First of all, it depends on the cash flow of the stock company, how it depends on the net value of this stock company, depends on where the stock company is currently, depends on what the industry is in the industry. In this way, we can find suitable long -term big bull stocks.

  3. You can observe the development of the stock market first, find a stock with a better development in the stock market, and then find a stock with a higher transaction volume, so that you can find Daniel stocks.

  4. In the stock market, you should stabilize your mind. Don't worry, lurk, you can find long -term big bull stocks in a stable field.

  5. It is necessary to judge according to the characteristics of the stock, judge according to the company's status, and judge according to the market share.

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