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  1. You can refer to the setting of vivo mobile phone: turn on WeChat-click the group chat-click "..."-click the group announcement to edit and modify. When the group announcement is set to the group to be done, the group members need to click the group announcement to complete.
    Note: At present, only group owners and administrators can edit group announcements.

  2. You can be in WeChat group@可以 可以, WeChat group owner's method:
    1, open WeChat group chat, press the upper right corner, press "Group Announcement";
    2, input content, press "Complete" , Then it will be prompted, "The announcement will notify all members of the group, is it published?", Press "Published".

  3. You can use the WeChat Dragon statistical table mini program to make notification information first. After the release, click the sharing meeting to prompt whether to set it to the group to do it. Here we set it directly to the WeChat group to notify everyone for viewing. It should be noted that the group notification needs to be initiated as a group owner or administrator.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Polite notice, use respect for people in the group, make everyone feel respected; 2. Introduce themselves, let everyone know that they are issued by their notice and express their politeness. 3. The group talk should be euphemistic, so that everyone can feel comfortable. Do not make compulsory requirements for group members, and it is easy to cause dislikes; 4. In the end, you must attach a gratitude to make everyone feel polite. 5. How to block WeChat group news? You can use WeChat group to send messages to avoid disturbances, or we can exit the group; click on WeChat group to enter, click the button in the upper right corner to enter the lower interface, open the message and not disturb. 6. Not the owner of WeChat group, how to all members of Aite: 7. Traditional: Enter@symbols in the chat window, then select people, and finally send it; 8. WeChat group announcement: This method can only use the latest version of the WeChat group announcement, but The identity of the administrator must be used. The administrator selects the group announcement, enter the content, and then publish it immediately. Software prompts will be sent to everyone. 9. How to write the end of the group announcement? 10. Regiment notice: In order to enrich the spare time of group friends, enhance friendship and strengthen collective consciousness, the group specially held the first group meeting this year. Please tell us, actively sign up. 11. According to the different scope of applications, it can be divided into six categories: 12. Release notice: used to issue administrative regulations and intra -party rules and regulations; 13. Approval notice: The higher authorities are used to approve the official documents of the lower organs and give it to the lower -level personnel to the lower -level personnel Knowing or executing; 14. Forwarding notification: It is used to forward the official documents of the higher -level organs to the affiliated personnel in order to know or execute; Notice of appointment and removal: used for appointment and removal cadres; 17. Transactional notification: It is often used to deal with transactional matters in daily work, and often conveys relevant information or requirements to relevant institutions or personnel in the form of notifications.

  5. WeChat comes with group texts and groups of groups, and send blessings and send notices to say one by one.

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