5 thoughts on “In the United States, the physical store defeated e -commerce. Why is the opposite in China?”

  1. Nowadays, our national e -commerce industry is getting better and better. Many people have begun to engage in e -commerce. There are many ways to engage in e -commerce. Software is conducted on live sales, so the sales of many physical stores have declined. However, the situation in the United States is the opposite of our country. In the United States, the physical store defeated e -commerce, but why is this?
    P. The cost of labor at home and abroad is different. It is necessary to know that the reason why the domestic e -commerce industry has achieved today's achievements has made great contributions to the express delivery industry, and they all know that the cost of labor and labor in China is generally not very high, but in the United States, it is just the opposite. For human labor costs, and for locals, they are unwilling to do some work with low wages and high labor intensity. Therefore, the American express delivery industry does not have domestic development. Both feet are restrained and cannot run at all, so it is also a very important reason for the domestic e -commerce industry to develop better than foreign countries.
    Is, there are certain differences in physical stores at home and abroad. For the retail industry in the United States, many retail industry giants, they are the big names in the e -commerce industry. Like Wal -Mart, it is not only the retail industry giant in the United States, but also an e -commerce giant. Compared with domestic, many traditional retail giants are actually unstable, and their industry competitiveness is relatively weak. When the e -commerce industry rises, those traditional retail industries are still in a state of fighting each other. Therefore, after the emergence of e -commerce, this traditional industry has been forced to change itself.
    The physical stores in the United States are famous and will not be easily influenced by e -commerce, and the supply of e -commerce needs to rely on physical stores. However, Wal -Mart, the largest department store in the United States, also invested in JD.com's famous e -commerce platform, which can be seen that many famous physical stores have also seen the development prospects of e -commerce.
    Third: the influence of other factors in physical stores. Of course, e -commerce is not the only factor affecting physical stores, so the reason is that the physical store itself. In the early years, physical stores were planning a lot of planning to store land. However, with the slowdown of economic development, rents and labor costs have risen, and the pressure on physical stores has also risen rapidly in recent years. In contrast, foreign entity giants are much better, because they are all left in the huge competition in the industry, and they have a strong ability to resist risks in the industry, so they will not be knocked down by e -commerce.

  2. In the United States, the return of human resources is relatively rich. Without sufficient funds, so many people can hire so many people to engage in courier, so the development of e -commerce in the United States is not as good as a physical store.

  3. There are many people in China, there are fewer people in the United States. If e -commerce wants to succeed, it needs a lot of people to participate. For example, there are too few people in European countries to develop e -commerce at all, and there are many people in China. Therefore, Chinese e -commerce can develop. At the same time, e -commerce can only kill some industries, such as home appliances, daily necessities, and other products that can be quantitatively produced, and industries such as catering, private customization, education and training are basically unable to die.

  4. I think it is a system and political issue:
    The physical store development is actually a monopoly industry. Its employment scale abducts the government. Its industrial chain suppresses its peers and its economic capabilities control the market. The owner is the group of monopoly oligarchs. The country is in hand, and want to turn over the sky?
    The essence of the Internet e -commerce industry is actually antitrust. The entire supply chain is broken and reorganized, so that offline entities cannot grow and grow to monopoly due to cost issues. It is normal to from scratch, but for the group of entities that want to grow or even monopoly, it is a disaster!
    So in Western countries such as the United States, Internet e -commerce cannot develop and rise, because it is the entire industry, or the entire country is suppressing you. How do you develop? So you can see that what is the fastest development of the Internet abroad? Facebook? Because there is no moving interest in the traditional industry, it really involves it, and even the death of death or even the death of the family!

  5. Because the ideas are different, the Chinese feel that e -commerce is affordable, and Americans have a lot of time to go to physical stores.

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