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  1. The business of business covers a wide range of majors, and different countries and different universities are also different in professional segmentation. Commercial subjects are represented by four major majors (finance, accounting, management, economics).
    The mainstream business majors include finance, business management, accounting, marketing, business majors (including international business, e -commerce, etc.), logistics, economics, and human resource management. One of the degree should not be ignored.
    Extension information:
    The introduction of business:

    In the past ten years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of the global economic integration process, more and more Chinese students choose to choose Reading business majors, and quickly formed "the fever of business abroad".
    The new business majors are set in accordance with the "industry", which also emphasizes the cultivation of industry characteristics and professional development skills. For example, hotel management majors will be based on the characteristics of the international high -end hotel industry.
    Ip, in addition to setting up traditional business courses, more emphasizes students' practical ability. The general business enrollment requires students to have potential in three aspects: logical analysis, team cooperation, and effective communication.
    The high employment rate of business graduates has attracted many students and parents to start paying attention to business majors. Regardless of entrepreneurship or investment, pursuit of popularity is an industry law.
    But for the academic planning that affects career development, it seems too light and formulated the correct pre -planning plan in advance, which plays a decisive role in the future academic and occupational development of students.
    Reference materials:
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Commercial

  2. Commercial subjects are a collective name. Broadly speaking, business -related can be attributed to business.
    The business coverage is widely covered, involving a lot of majors, and different countries and universities are also different in professional segmentation. Essence
    The business with "FINANCE Finance, Accounting, Management, Economics Economics). The more mainstream business majors include finance, business management, accounting, marketing, business majors (including international business, e -commerce, etc.) , Logistics, Economics, and Human Resources Management, and MBA, as a professional master's degree, cannot be ignored.
    The expanded information
    It professional introduction:
    1. Financial and financial projects are mainly to cultivate financial professional talents. Its professional direction includes financial analysis, investment management, and company finance. After graduation, you can enter the company's financial department, insurance, securities, real estate, and government financial management departments such as accounting firms, finance, finance, insurance and other departments
    2, marketing
    Marketing market Marketing (Marketing) professional learning market research, market strategy, publicity, sales, price, product development, public relations, etc. The major requires students to master relevant professional knowledge, mathematics, statistics, writing, computers, written and oral expression, and the ability to communicate with others. After graduation, most students will enter the company's relevant departments, such as insurance, stocks, securities, and real estate industries, which are mainly engaged in sales, marketing and management departments.

    3. Business analysis
    The business analysis is mainly to convert a large amount of complicated data. After quantitative methods and application analysis, it is transformed into reasonable and clear and easy management information, so as to make reasonable business decisions. Its employment direction is mainly as data analysts to help the company make data analysis and make better decisions.
    4. Management
    The management is a science that studies the laws of human management activities and its application. It focuses on using some tools and methods to solve management problems. Management includes plans, organizations, personnel configuration, leadership, management organization, etc.

  3. Commercial subjects include the following majors:
    If industrial and commercial management
    If accounting
    Enterprise management (including: financial management, marketing, human resources management)

    The agricultural economic management n Agricultural economic management
    Forestry economic management

    If administration n Management (can be granted management, medical degrees)
    The education economy and management (can be granted management, education degree)
    S social security
    Land resource management
    n International Economics and Trade
    Financial studies
    Financial science
    The national economic management
    Themore economy
    insurance n financial engineering
    credit management
    n Cyber ​​economics
    The sports economy
    Investment learning
    Environmental resources and development economics
    Real estate operation and estimation
    n taxation

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