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  1. 10 tobacco cigarette oil for the spiritual grain of the cigarette crowd!

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    most of the electronic cigarette users when entering the pit to want to achieve the tobacco The purpose, so they will go directly to the tobacco -flavored smoke oil at the beginning, but novices often have a misunderstanding. They will think that the tobacco -flavored tobacco oil can be exactly the same as that of cigarettes.

    . Although this is also the pursuit of manufacturers, but no scainet oil, no matter how similar it is, it cannot achieve the effect of cigarettes. Unless experts can develop substances that can be matched with tar, But who can ensure that the damage it brings is lower than that of taroning?

    The number of tobacco -oil oil in the electronic tobacco industry is still increasing. In the tobacco market, it is still difficult to find a tobacco oil that suits your taste quickly, but it can help you reduce the difficulty of "looking for oil"! President PRIME 15

    official description: Complete tobacco flavor and accompanied by trace cocoa powder. In commemorating the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan, it is said that the cigarette of this taste is his favorite.

    15 is a cigarette oil with a very strong throat, which is very suitable for "old smokers". The nicotine content of 6mg is enough to meet your needs for your throat, but it suggests Do not pick nicotine with high concentration of smoke oil, because the scent of smoke and oil is different from the cigarette throat. If the selection of nicotine concentration is too high, it can easily cause the throat discomfort. Pick a concentration of a moderate sense of throat and slowly experience it slowly. The mellow taste formed by the combination of cocoa powder and tobacco makes you have endless aftertastes!

    NO.2 Cuibeica Tribeca

    Tobacco taste is slightly sweet and mellow, tobacco taste used throughout the day.

    Cuibeica is the highest sales and evaluation of smoke oil in the Halo series. It has become one of the main rations of most VAPER. According to the oil -based smoke review area, it shows the satisfaction of the throat feeling. Feeling is a major advantage of Cuibeica. If you are the player who pursues the feeling of throat, you can't miss this e -liquid. You can also have a slight caramel and tobacco flavor after the throat. The bitterness, and the experiencer said that the taste of the use of lung sucking Cuibaika will be better. How to act in actual performance requires your own experience! R n official description: The mix of Foqinia roasted tobacco and honey whole wheat biscuits.

    It black star is currently a relatively hot cigarette oil. There are two types of black stars on the market: 6mg and 12mg. It is recommended to choose the version according to its own needs. Pure, you can clearly feel the aroma of wheat at the same time as the smell of smoke echoed, the layers are clear, the throat feel is medium, and the smoke is medium. Without the extreme taste of cigarettes, but there are smokes that cannot be achieved, but most people are unacceptable when they first smoke, but in fact, black stars have become one of the food chosen rations.

    o.4 Bobola Portola

    official description: mixing of white ribs and Virginia tobacco, plus a little vanilla flavor.

    Padra is the small red hat of the little red hat. Of course, it is just compared to the little red hat series, which releases a faint vanilla flavor in the rich tobacco flavor, which is slightly sweet and not greasy. The taste of the taste is simply that people can't stop. Experiencers say that the taste reduction of the Tobacco's tobacco is like a smoke. If you have not yet experienced you, maybe this tobacco oil can take you into a different world!

    NO.5 Silverado

    The official description: Virginia grilled tobacco and white -assisted tobacco and Irish whiskey and wild honey.

    Geton city is a cigarette oil that is recognized and bad, but the taste makes you have a strong contrast. It is very rich and mellow. The god assisted by the throat feeling made people have to make it a long -term grain, but it is not favored by the public. Maybe it is because the smell of smoke is not easy to accept. Pick up in public!

    No.6 Full Virginia Flake

    official description: Caramel and naturally extracted tobacco flavor

    After Virginia is also the flavor of caramel with tobacco, I can't help but remember the experience that I gave me 15 for me. Factive caramel can ease the bitterness in tobacco. Experience the reduction of tobacco flavor, the mouth of the tobacco oil is smooth, and the strong throat feeling makes you experience what it means "simple and rude, without losing elegance", this is also a tobacco oil worthy of Amway! n
    o.7 Southern gentleman Southern Gentleman

    official description: Southern gentleman is a mixed aromatherapy type, which is white in Perryk tobacco, Black Cavedish tobacco, Tennessee in Virginia The rib tobacco is mixed, very fragrant, very unique tobacco.

    Sun gentleman is a simple mixed tobacco flavor tobacco oil. The taste is very pure. Cigarette ("Old smoke" has your rations here!), But the only disadvantage of this e -liquid is that it is easy to accumulate carbon. If you are preparing for the core change, the southern gentleman will definitely make you not regret the reflection!

    NO.8 Sunday morning

    official description: Early morning on weekend is Virginia white cigarette and black Kavenish tobacco mix. The taste of tobacco is very balanced, and it will make you feel satisfied in a bite. This is like sitting in front of the door in the morning of the southern United States farmer in the morning, watching his own plantation, smoking a small smoke, and enjoying the deliciousness that belongs to his own!

    Attentive mood, after reading the official description of the oil, the brain made up the picture, I spent the hard time I spent my sleep on the weekend, the flavor of the coffee tobacco, the faint coffee flavor of the entrance, and vaguely echoed in the mouth vaguely in the mouth cavity. In the middle, the strong tobacco flavor when exhaling, a bit bitterness, is still a strong throat, allowing you to experience a cigarette cigarette in the early morning of the weekend. Skill!

    -no.9 sexy

    The official description: The light cigar tobacco is mellow, mixed with the fragrance of cocoa, coffee, and grapes in the middle.

    SEXY is a unique oil oil in the taste of tobacco. It is mixed with the fragrance of cocoa, coffee and grapes in the light cigar tobacco flavor. Youxiang, when you are still feeling a typical American tobacco brought to you, a mellow sense of melody is looming the grape fragrance. The rate is relatively low. This is a niche smoke oil. If you can "love at first sight", then you must be an American tobacco -style enthusiast?

    no.10 fuck r

    official description: The strong Cuban cigar tobacco is mellow, the strong flavor of the drifting coffee and nuts, and then the aroma of truffles.

    The first feel is the strong coffee mellow fragrance and a little nuts. The smell of tobacco when it is exhaled, but the taste of tobacco is very light. The sketch of the smoke oil is low, the amount of smoke is slightly larger, and the liquidity is moderate. Compared with Sexy, Pinyoujun thinks that Sexy is more suitable for people who prefer tobacco flavors, but if you have not experienced FUCK, it is also worth you to go to you A type of oil you try, because maybe you will fall in love with its "careful"!

    above is the 10 tobacco -flavored tobacco -flavored tobacco -flavored tobacco -flavored tobacco oil in the oil -tasting mall. You can click on the title to enter the page of the public comments. After entering the public commentary area, you can view more user experience in order to reference.

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