2 thoughts on “What are the names of creative apprentices?”

  1. 1. Warm the rest of your life;
    This describes the life of teachers and students in their studies.
    2, we are unruly;
    The students who are vibrant.
    3, Fenghua Zhengmao;
    means that the students are youthful, touching and talented under the training of teachers. Describe the spirit of youth vigor and effort.
    4, a teenager of a strange class;
    The description of the scholarship and great ideal of the scholar at the training of the teacher.
    5, the home of the teacher and apprentice;
    This described the close relationship between teachers and students like family members.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the name of the creative apprenticeship group 1. Then the rain of heavy rain 2. In the life of the copper wall and iron wall 3. The biggest happiness in my life 4. He later 5, Huoxiang Changyi 6, I rushed to the right 7, Mr. XR 8, war 8, war war A good girl 9. Draw your Zhu Yan 10, the thought is activated again 11, so learn 12, the bitch is not cheap, there is no limit 13, there will be future 14, Crimdo 15, once she accepts it, she will be accepted, she will accept it, she will accept it. Lekai Flower 16, Fools Fatty 17, Like a elevator 18, seemingly afraid of slipping 19, no more love no need to struggle 20, life of life 21, Si Xian Ran Ran 22, Yishang Xianlang 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23.一张画横空出世24、总可以大饱口福25、也从来不考虑26、多差27、我仍庆幸与你相遇28、你那浅浅的笑颜29、得到了是你该得到的30、挂却且用杀我荒31、需要我们自己去涂32、立即起身直奔目的地33、弯金四弦弦34、旧人未归良人未至35、不信任被我倾诉的对象36、 Love me all 37, endure a slight headache 38, Broken Ancient Pentilities 39, Sixth Grade Primary School 40, who shoulder shoulders 41, SpongeBob I like the most 42, I am lonely at the end of me 43, gently stare at 44, me Don't be very cute 45, picking up a girl 46, my grandfather when he was ten years old 47. I ate 48 before I didn't eat it. 52、请君听此归一言53、送与长别54、幽径上开的是什么花55、那个小小的年龄56、蒙上眼睛世界与我无关57、全身上下都是刺58、 Erqi Qi Qianlian 59, no gap 60, and do not want to say too cold

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