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  1. Family textbooks of pharmaceutical marketing (1)
    . Analysis of the Chinese pharmaceutical market environment
    1) The competitive environment of pharmaceutical companies
    Over the years of Jianguo XX, my country's pharmaceutical industry has gone through an uneven development process It has made great contributions to the people's life and health cause. The first batch of "pharmaceutical representatives" in the country appeared in Shi Guibao in 1988. In the early 1990s, the medical representatives of foreign companies entered the terminal hospital promotion as the beginning, and clinically promoted and became a model for domestic pharmaceutical companies to promote sales. After more than ten years of development, with the entry of more and more pharmaceutical companies, from foreign companies to state -owned enterprises, private enterprises, from a few to most enterprises, continuously spread and develop, and changes in non -benign soil in China. In the past, the clinical promotion had undergone qualitative changes. Medical representatives were not only a product consultant between pharmaceutical factories and clinicians, and the paid fees for doctors almost became the golden family jade law of promotion. In order to survive, some small and medium -sized enterprises have become a great magic weapon for promotional drugs. The pharmaceutical factories and operating units use hospital work as the main battlefield for market competition. Interests ignore the overall interests of society and enterprises, and make the pharmaceutical market go to a deformed road. At the same time, with the disorderly, the management of the management department is disconnected, the price of drug prices brought about by vicious competition is the current pharmaceutical market environment, changing the current situation, not only the problem of the competent authority, but also the pharmaceutical company wants to jump out of this strange circle. The problem.
    2) The pharmaceutical competition environment under WTO
    As my country joined the WTO, the pharmaceutical industry was further opened, and the entry of some international large pharmaceutical companies and large commercial circulation companies entered our country's pharmaceutical companies to enter A period of integration. Some domestic pharmaceutical companies have used imitation -based drugs. Due to the efficacy of drugs and intellectual property issues, their competitiveness will be greatly reduced. In the past, foreign companies will also change through agency sales models. environment.
    3) The impact of national pharmaceutical policy and medical reform on the pharmaceutical market environment
    September 30th anti -commercial bribery self -examination and self -corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. The boundaries between normal business sponsorship, and formulate standards and rules for how to prevent and control the "wiping ball". Commercial bribery in the prevention and control of the pharmaceutical industry will become the normal existence, and the era of sales with gold is about to end. The era of professional marketing has come. The National Development and Reform Commission's "The" 11th Five -Year Plan "Development Guidance Opinions" was promulgated, giving a five -year schedule of medical reform, fundamentally changing "medicine with medicine", establishing an open prescription system for social pharmacies, and accelerating the progress of pharmaceutical separation. Realizing the third -level medical insurance system, this will have a fundamental impact on the prescription drug sales model
    . In the current pharmaceutical environment, the basic competitive strategy of pharmaceutical companies
    ) Form -based cost -based market competitive advantage
    First strengthen the management of your own enterprise. Management can not only benefit, but also improve efficiency and cost. Management content such as production management, personnel, marketing, finance, etc. Only in order to really benefit and reduce operating costs. Secondly, increase investment in R

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