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  1. The crawler hanging security requires qualifications. The qualification certificate is to engage in a qualification certificate for a certain industry, which proves that you can do this work. Many industries have qualifications for examinations, such as accounting, certificates _, teachers, and so on. The qualifications of practice refer to the government's admission control of a professional (type of work) that the government has greater responsibilities, strong society, and public interests. Prepare standards. Occupational qualifications are evaluated by the State Council ’s labor, personnel administrative department through academic qualifications, qualification examinations, expert assessment, vocational skills appraisal, etc., and awarded the national vocational qualification certificate for qualified persons. The qualifications are obtained through academic qualifications or exams. The qualifications are obtained through the test method.
    "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 21 of Article 21 of the production and operation unit has the following responsibilities for the safety production work of the unit:
    (1) Production responsibility system, strengthen the construction of safety production standardization;
    (2) Organize and implement the safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures of the unit; ;
    (4) Ensure the effective implementation of the unit's safety production input;
    (5) Organize the establishment and implement the dual prevention working mechanism of safety risk grading control and hidden danger inspection and management, supervise and check the safety production of the unit in the unit Work to timely eliminate hidden dangers of production safety accidents;
    (6) Organize and implement the emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents in the unit;
    (7) Reporting production safety accidents in time and truthfully.

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