5 thoughts on “What is the experience of installing natural gas pipelines?”

  1. Since the start of the country's implementation of western gas, natural gas has become more important in our lives, so more people have begun to choose natural gas installation. Our tasks have become heavier. During the transportation of natural gas, it is transported through the pipeline, because natural gas is a high -risk gas. Once the treatment is not good, the natural gas leakage will occur. In severe cases, it will explode. As a worker who installed natural gas, we usually work in trembling. For fear of leakage, they are careful and careful, no easy work, and no good money.

  2. The installation of natural gas on the advertisement has become a global recognized clean energy. More and more people choose our natural gas pipeline, and the pipeline natural gas supply is stable. There is absolutely no steel bottle gas with no gas. Although our work tasks have increased several times, our hearts are also very happy.

  3. I now see the anti -rust paint, and I feel that I want to get rid of my hands, because the regulations for installation now, the steel pipes used by the gas pipeline should be anticorrosive before installation. Buried steel pipes must also be treated with anticorrosive treatment, which can exhaust our group of pipe workers.

  4. After installing the gas tools and pipelines, we must ensure ventilation through the room. Usually, the owner of the household does not pay much attention to the result why we feel that the air in the house always feels panic. It turned out that there was no fixed time to ventilate the room after installation. This is also important.

  5. I used to cause the pipeline to leak because of a negligence. Fortunately, natural gas is lighter than the air, and it is easy to exude dilution once it occurs, and it does not cause much danger. Do not distract at work and do every detail.

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