1 thought on “What to do with real estate recruitment and reform bank”

  1. Consultation record ยท Answer on 2021-11-06nWhat is the purchase of real estate recruitment and reform, the purchasing personnel experienced by real estate companies, basically all ways will be available. Whether it is public bidding, invite bidding, inquiry? It will be used in other ways, which gives you high experience. 1. You can enter any other industry and engage in procurement. 2. You can switch to business such as audit and focus on the procurement process. 3. There are a lot of people who come out of the procurement industry, and finally they have become agents of suppliers or certain brands. That is to say, it is a factory or a middle dealer to run a factory or be a middleman. 4. Of course, some purchasing personnel understand the engineering, and he can also be an engineer at the scene. 5. Engineering supervision, this threshold is relatively low, and wages are low.

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