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  1. Welding — refers to the melting state or pressing or two methods by heating the welding parts. Using the diffusion and binding of atoms to combine two or more workpieces to combine the connection method.

    The welded material can be used or without filling materials.

    This can be applied to the connection between metal and non -metal.

    The advantages and disadvantages of welding (relative to riveting, casting, screw connection).
    The application: The melting welding workload accounts for more than 30 % of the workload of the entire boiler pressure vessel manufacturing. It has high intensity, good denseness, mature and reliable process, and a large range of component materials and thickness adaptation.
    Themmed arc welding (SMAW):

    1, principle: It is to melt the welding method of welding seams to melt the welding and part of the welded welding and part of the welding parts.

    2, Features: The equipment is simple, easy to operate, and is suitable for welding in various locations indoor and outdoor. However, the efficiency is low, the labor intensity is high, and the technical level and operation skills of welders are high.

    3, welding specifications (process parameters): types and diameter, welding current, arc voltage, type and polarity, welding speed, welding layer, etc.

  2. Hello welded, also known as melting and linked, is a manufacturing process and technology that combines metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastic in heating, high temperature or high pressure

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer In our country, the welding operation requires a certificate. The welders are the types of access to the class. Among the professional qualifications of the skill personnel, there are only five of the 81 types of work. Some industry practitioners operate unlicensed. With the continuous standardization of technology and the relevant requirements of the industry, more and more people want to take a welding certificate. The advantages of the verification are still very large. First of all Double or higher level. Therefore, the issue of short -term welders training has naturally become a problem that employees are more concerned about. Welding as an industrial "tailor" is a very important processing method in industrial production. The quality of welding quality has a decisive impact on product quality. So, what is the future development of welding technology?  Industry prospects 生产 With the development of production, welding is widely used in industrial departments such as Aerospace, aviation, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, construction and machinery manufacturing. In China's economic development, welding technology is an indispensable processing method. After entering the 21st century, welding is an important part of the manufacturing industry and develops rapidly. Therefore, it has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the welding industry. The situation is still unique in the situation.耗 At present, my country consumes 300 million tons of steel each year (about 1.2 tons of welding structure), which requires about 750,000 welding machines. The welding industry will continue to grow in the future in 8-10 years. The salary is also very considerable.nDo you have any other questions? If you are satisfied with my service, give me a evaluation! Thank you questions, I hope my answer can help you. If it is convenient, please like it. Many thanks

  4. All kinds of welding methods are learned, such as welding, gas welding, carbon dioxide ... too much. You may also have to learn mechanical drawings, metal technology, material molding and control, material engineering ...
    are to welded different metals or non -metals together.

  5. Welders are a special metal welding work in the mechanical manufacturing and mechanical processing industry, and it is also a very important job. Operate welding and gas cutting equipment to welded or cut into metal workpieces.
    . The main work content of the welder is as follows:
    1, responsible for daily work such as welding and installation of the engineering maintenance department;
    2, Huiya arc welding, can welded stainless steel, aluminum and other materials;
    3. In accordance with the process drawings, the welding specifications are welded in welding;
    4, strictly implement the process of welding preparation, welding preheating, welding parameter selection, welding operation steps, etc. Installation of the ingredient system;

    6, responsible for daily damage repair, cooperate with the technical master to complete various tasks, and maintenance welding and other work;
    7, responsible for the welding work in daily production, proficient in mig Mig Mig Welding (melting pole inert gas protection welding, English: metal intert-gas welding), arc welding, two guarantee welding, etc.
    . The requirements of the welders:
    1, a diploma of high school and above;
    2, a special operation certificate for welders;
    3, familiar with CO2 welding, qi cutting, mainly the cutting of steel plates;
    4, work location: Guangzhou Huadu District;
    5, strong pressure resistance, can withstand higher intensity work;
    Technician, senior technician.
    . Professional prospects
    With the development of production and the advancement of science and technology, the welding technology welding has become an independent discipline of the door, and is widely used in the space, aviation, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, construction and machinery In the development of industrial departments such as manufacturing, welding technology is an indispensable processing method in the development of my country's national economy, especially in the development of manufacturing. Welders are a type of machinery manufacturing and mechanical processing. The processing and manufacturing industry is a very important type of work. At present, my country's processing and manufacturing industry lacks many talents in this area. The treatment of senior blue -collar workers is higher than white -collar workers.

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