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  1. High -end customers, mid -range customers, ordinary customers.
    The first category is high -end customers, banks provide private banking services, and use black gold cards or private banking cards as customers in the bank level. These customers bring the greatest value to the bank, and a person's deposit basically accounts for 10 % of the total amount of funds. Indeed, the two -eight principles, the most richest part of the 20%mastered the world's wealth, and speaking too much is tears.
    The second category is mid -range customers. Such customers also bring greater benefits to bank business outlets and have considerable development potential. The value of such customers contributed only to the first type of customers. Mainly enjoy platinum service, and use Platinum or gold cards as customer levels. This type of customer group is the most stable basic customer of bank retail banks.
    The third category is low -end customers, that is, the largest proportion of customers in the bank customer group, winning the total amount with a base, and the total amount is supported. Because the business income brought by such customers for bank business outlets may often not be enough to make up for the cost of the outlets, customers enjoy the most basic banking financial services, and even try to use self -service banking services as much as possible.
    So the previous Internet currency funds also aimed at this type of customer group. At present, these new Internet financial companies banks want to do this.
    The introduction of Bank of Shanghai customer level:
    The difference between banks of Shanghai Bank and Platinum Card is the layering of customers.
    In general, banks will approve gold cards for customers. In addition to meeting the basic conditions required to apply for credit cards, people with an annual income of more than 400,000 yuan are more likely to get a gold card.
    Thekin card is a credit card launched by the card issuing institution to distinguish the gold card customers, and provides a higher -end service and rights than the gold card. Generally, banks will actively invite qualified customers to apply for Platinum Card. Platinum card customers can be available. Enjoy Platinum customer service line service and distinguished added value services. Generally, the bidding standard for bank platinum credit cards is more than 100,000 yuan an annual salary or more than 500,000 yuan.

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