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  1. Nanjing Information Engineering University has a good computer at the University of Information Engineering. The School of Computer and Software has two first -level disciplines in computer science and technology, and software engineering.
    "Sensing Network and Modern Meteorological Equipment" is Jiangsu Province's advantageous disciplines (Phase I), "Internet of Things technology and equipment" is Jiangsu Province (Phase II), "Computer Science and Technology" is Jiangsu Province's advantage Discipline (Phase III). The discipline of computer science and technical, which was excellent in Jiangsu Province's degree evaluation in 2015.
    In December 2017, in the fourth round of discipline assessments across the country, computer science and technical disciplines obtained B level B. In May 2017, computer science entered the top 1%of the world's ranking.
    Extension information:
    In colleges, computer science and technology are first -class construction majors in Jiangsu Province, national specialty construction site, China Meteorological Administration brand specialty, computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering, and Internet of Things 4 majors including the project were successfully selected into the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" key majors in Jiangsu Province and the "Jiangsu Province Software Service Overseas Package Professional Embedded Talent Training Project".
    The specialty of computer science and technology and software engineering was awarded the "Jiangsu Province Excellent Engineer (Software) Education and Training Program Pilot Program". 6 provincial -level boutique courses, 5 national planning materials, and 3 provincial -level boutique textbooks. Won 2 second prizes of Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Achievements.
    Reference information Source: Nanjing University of Information Engineering University of Computer and Software -College Introduction

  2. Nanxin University's computer science and technology majors are also available, but it has little to do with meteorological, but our school can be transferred to major and can be considered at that time. And during the postgraduate entrance examination, you can also take the weather major.

  3. You can also
    I I am a student of Nanjing Information Engineering University
    The soft hospital of our school
    is the professional development of our school's priority development
    The employment rate of computer professional is good now
    Welcome to Nanyun University

  4. Learning technology can consider computer -related majors, because everyone is inseparable now, and the trend of social development also tells us the huge prospects of this industry. Learning to learn in this area can engage in more positions and high employment salary in the future. You can choose professional software, hardware, network, design, etc., you can make decisions after understanding.
    Slord learning
    has no academic qualifications
    The current prospects for the Internet industry are relatively good, and employment pressure is also less.
    It whether e -commerce, software development, environmental art design or film and television movements are quite suitable for young people to learn!
    It depends on which aspect of you is more interested. If you want to start a business as a boss in the future, you can learn from an e -commerce business to open an online shop or learn environmental art opening decoration company; Development;
    The hottest film and television animation today is also very scarce.
    It you can consider IT major
    . As long as you use your computer, you must deal with a variety of software. Simply put, the main task of software engineering is to develop and upgrade new software and maintain the original software. In modern society, software is applied to multiple aspects. Typical software such as email, embedded system,
    human machine interface, office kit, operating system, compiler, database, game, etc. At the same time, almost all industries have the application of computer software. These applications have promoted the development of economic and social, making people's work more efficient, and at the same time improve the quality of life.
    The computer majors can be considered. Now people are interested in computers. Many majors do not need a cultural course. You can learn from junior high school. Computers are becoming more and more popular, and the market is getting bigger and bigger.
    It you can see the development of companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and Apple.
    It can learn IT technology. In recent years, the rapid development of society is closely related to the IT industry. Whether it is science and technology research and development, network development, website construction, etc., the IT industry cannot be separated. From this point of view, learning IT technology is an important direction for the current junior high school students to employment at high salaries
    Now it is the information technology era, and the talents of IT technology are very lacking. If students are interested in IT technology, it is recommended that everyone everyone is interested in everyone, it is recommended that everyone everyone is recommended to everyone. Learning IT technology. It is understood that these positions such as network engineers and software engineers in the IT industry are very popular.
    The people who have no work experience starting at least 6000-7000. This treatment is much higher than the treatment of other traditional industries. Therefore, don't worry about going to the technical school without the future. As long as you can choose a professional skills, it is not a problem with it.
    It you can learn e -sports, suitable for boys, the prospect of this professional is also very good. After graduation, you can be a game anchor or game commentary. Only the majors that can evoke their interests can be learned well. For example, Internet computers, I believe most people still like
    The majors I choose now is to choose the future employment direction, such as a relatively foreign and popular computer majors. It is very popular
    Computer software development technology is now very room for development, and the work treatment is also high
    The current Internet IT is popular
    360 travel champion. , Potential to stimulate their learning ability. Poor cultural courses can not mean that there are no special abilities in other aspects, so you should start according to the actual situation when choosing cultural courses and technical courses. It is the most important thing to learn a technology.
    It can go to computer schools
    This can make money, depending on what major you like
    it technology, the Internet is developing at high speed, and the corresponding IT industry elite needs will increase year by year. All industries and people's life and learning are inseparable from the support of the Internet. Nowadays, the Internet has developed at a high speed, so the employment prospects after learning IT technology are still very good.

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