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  1. Everyone can encounter themselves to join the group, because they have not chatted for a long time or they have logged in to WeChat after they find out that the WeChat group disappears.
    This teach you solution
    Tools/Materials Internet
    mobile phone
    WeChat app
    Chat directory 01 Finding group chat methods. First, open the lower left corner of "WeChat" WeChat".
    It here you can see people and groups who are chatting with you recently. If you can't find it, you can see more chat information with your fingers.
    If in the communication 01, if you can't find it on the WeChat page, click the "Communication" at the bottom of the screen to find "group chat" above and click in.
    02 Here you can see the group chat you built in WeChat (note that it is the group chat yourself)
    I friends assist 01 If you have your WeChat friends in the group Send a message.
    Pu "group" will appear in the WeChat chat directory. (As long as you are in the group)
    "Defense" group chat 01 First talk about the group chat in the catalog. Pressing it will pop up the "menu" and click "Top Chat".
    02 is set to "Top Chat" after the group chat background color in the WeChat directory becomes gray. In the WeChat directory that never disappear in the group.
    Special reminder WeChat communication records can only look at the group chat

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