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  1. Nice group chat name:
    1, oath of a residual
    2, a child with a knife
    3, two forced clubs
    4, negative ② generation
    5, good Chinese girlfriend r r r r r r r r r r
    6, no friend
    7, five major King Kong
    8, sweeping brigade
    9, rejoicing
    10, thanks to youth n12. Representative meeting
    13, hi,
    14, killing the Matt family
    15, Ruili Hongchun Academy
    16, happy family.
    17, the flower of hell
    18, the god beast alliance
    19, the night field hi youth
    20, the beauty food group
    21, 涐 not afraid of losing
    22, life custom
    23, Fuxing from the previous
    group naming skills
    The names of the group also have a great encouragement to the group members, so we must avoid negative names when taking group names, especially those learning groups, work, work, work Groups, etc., a good atmosphere is very important for group members.
    This is therefore necessary to add some positive words to the group name. You can add your dreams in the naming of the learning group, to come, work hard and other terms. For example, the names of the group name are "weaving youth", "broken cocoon into butterflies", "effort will shine", "always work hard" and other names are very good.

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