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  1. The freight forwarding is the abbreviation of the freight agency literally. From the perspective of the work content, it is the entrustment of the client's entrustment to complete a certain part of the cargo transportation or related links. The work involved in this area can be done directly or indirectly to save capital.
    The agent of the commissioner of the freight generation as a customer to handle the cargo transportation business. Under the standard, it should be the cashmer in the name of the customer to set the single position to the carrier. The commissioner is the shipper, and the freight forwarder transfers the bill of lading to the client as a proof of the transport contract between the client and the carrier.
    The freight generation as an agent to take responsibility for the customer's selection, and does not bear any responsibility for the loss, damage and delay of the goods during transportation.

  2. Whose rice bowl will it be grabbed when transformed into a survival? Foreign trade becomes an intermediary, and the foreign trade is transformed. What is the freight forwarding? When the foreign trade company becomes an agent and after becoming a factory, the impact on the freight forwarding is the same, what did the teacher see? "" I said stones, you came to visit the teacher, and the lack of virtue ghosts put the secret cargo company and the interior on the stairs. The golden law in the cooperation of the warehouse but she was right after she received it. What can I do if I graduated from high school? Why can I do noise? Look at the sculptor servo drive.
    . What is the cargo generation?
    The freight generation is the freight forwarding and freight forwarding industry in the international freight market. Relevant documents, customs declaration, reporting, insurance, container transportation, disassembly boxing, issuing bills, settlement of mixed fees, and even paying for and settlement. These tasks are widely connected and there are many links. It is to compare the international trade and freight business relatively concentrated work, coordinate, coordinate, and stretch relationships, and enhance their professionalism, technical and policy. The formation of the international freight forwarding industry is The inevitable product of international commodity circulation process is an indispensable part of international trade. Because of this, the industry is recognized by the world's publicly recognized by international trading companies. Its English is named and established for it.
    . What the freight forwarding company is doing
    I only knows that the freight forwarding is divided into freight generation sales, operations, customer service. What kind of work is the three separate work? 2. Why do women are more popular for women? Is it not suitable for boys? Freight generation is the freight forwarding industry. He is engaged in international freight forwarding business as an independent operator. International freight forwarding enterprises, which company is the cargo generation, a professional freight forwarding company? Is there a transportation tool in the freight generation? There are many types of logistics companies!

  3. Hello, freight generation, literally the abbreviation of freight agents. From the perspective of the work content, it is the entrustment of the client's entrustment to complete a certain part of the cargo transportation or related links. The work involved in this area can be done directly or indirectly to save capital. There are also overseas agents according to different goods. Freight agency refers to the general term for providing various transportation service services for cargo transportation demand and capacity suppliers in the field of circulation. They serve the whole society and are bridges and bonds between cargo owners and capacity suppliers.
    The freight agency, English is Freight, "is an middleman, agent and transport organizer between the cargo owner and the carrier." In China, international freight agency refers to a new industry, "in international trade and The "symbiosis industry 'or' edge industry 'between international cargo transportation.
    The definition of international freight forwarding: companies that mainly serve international freight agency business are called international freight generations. ) The definition of its prescribed is that the international freight agency is not the carrier in accordance with the instructions of the customer and the transportation of the customer. Activities, such as storage (also contains storage), customs declaration, acceptance, receipt, etc.:
    If international freight forwarding service scope: foreign delivery, foreign customs declaration, booking, packaging, domestic customs clearance, domestic storage, domestic delivery, etc. .
    On from the basic nature of the international freight agent, the freight forwarder mainly accepts the commission of the commissioner to conduct matters related to cargo transportation, transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading. He also signed a contract with the transportation department. For the cargo consignor, he is the carrier of the goods. A considerable part of the cargo agent master the storage yard of various transportation tools and stored goods. Transportation inside.

  4. The freight forwarder is a freight agent, and the literal understanding is the middleman, instead of connecting manufacturers and transportation cars. It is a contact person between the two.

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