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  1. I also encountered a pit, modified car, refurbished car, household deck car, installment, linked, clear costs, not mentioned files, etc., many unexpected things, if you are not a person who knows, go there, go there, go there, go there, go there Ten eighty -nine will be fooled. Later, my friend introduced an intermediary company to help me pick a car and choose a car, and then some minor problems in the car also helped me repair it. I can go to inspect.
    Strophic to the market, first stroll, and the transfer of the car, as well as the transfer of the transfer. If there is no experience, it is not recommended to buy a car blindly. Of course, if the conditions permit, you can get a new car. The new car is slow, and there are no shortcomings. I hope that everyone can be cautious, the second -hand car market is deep. If there is a choice, choose a personal car. If you can't find the user's car.
    The precautions for buying second -hand cars should be remembered
    1, too cheap car does not buy
    everyone knows that there is a saying that "good goods are not cheap, cheap and no good goods", but often they will often do There are many people who are lucky and feel that there should be nothing. I suggest that you do n’t have cheap psychology when buying used cars. There is no free lunch in the world. Car business cars and vendors are savvy. of.
    as are pretty good when you buy it, but you will have a problem in a few days. You do n’t repair it if you do it. 2. Do not buy too few mileage
    If the chassis and engine status of the car, but the mileage is very small. Do not buy such cars. Make the displayed numbers smaller), because the degree of wear of the car is more mileage. Even if the interior and the appearance look very new, it cannot exclude the suspicion of the surface adjustment.
    The new car owners will have a congenital defect due to major accidents, or there is no way to solve. Even if the mileage is short, they are unwilling to continue driving, and then choose to sell the car.
    3, cheap aging luxury cars do not buy
    This this kind of car is very popular, and it is good to drive out with face performance, especially tens of thousands of Mercedes -Benz and BMW. Temptation to choose this car, then Xiaobian is not recommended to buy it.
    Although this kind of car is high -end atmosphere, good times have made people drive. Over time, some rubber parts on the car have already reached their life, and they will change these components. It is much more expensive than ordinary cars.
    4. After paying the money for two days, the car will be available
    Sometimes when you buy the car, the car dealer will compile some of the procedures, what money to go to It is necessary to let you pick up the car in a few days or two and wait for many reasons. At this time, you must be firmly denied. If you check it, you can pick up the car directly and don't let the car disappear too long to your sight.
    Because some car vendors will be in this vacant gear. Disassemble or replace some more valuable components. It must be noted that this is by no means alarmist, because such a thing happened around Xiaobian.
    5, choose a dealer or individual with good reputation
    how deep the water of the used car is, because you have a lot of money, the car collected at a low price, simply pick it up, the appearance and interior decoration, the interior decoration Pack up, clean the engine compartment, and sell it at high prices. Many car chambers of business will use accident vehicles, water trucks, and water -soaked vehicles to pretend to be ordinary used cars for sale.
    So when choosing a used car, you must choose the word of mouth and reputation. In addition to the less chance of the dwelling, it can also save a lot of trouble.

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