1 thought on “Jieyang City Jiedong District Social Security Bureau”

  1. Address: East side of Lotus Avenue, Dongshan District, Jieyang City
    It service hotline: 12333
    office telephone: 0663-8234101
    Fax: 0663-8234102
    Cutting time: 8: 30-11 : 3014: 00-17: 30 (working days)
    It bus routes:
    1, take the second ring ring ring ring ring in the bus city, the second ring ring of the urban area to the Jiangbin Garden bus station 600 Meter.
    2. Take bus 11 to the Qunji Auto Shipping Bus Station for 850 meters.
    3, take bus No. 3, 9, and 10 bus to Wanglongtou Village Bus Station for 870 meters.
    Weibo: No
    Postcoding: 522031
    The jurisdictions: Rongcheng District, Lancheng District, Jie East District, Huilai County, Jiexi County, Puning City.
    Plip application injury appraisal to the hospital after the injuries of the hospital
    The expansion reading: [insurance] how to buy, which one is good, teach you to avoid the insurance of these "pits"

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