What are the relatively large construction companies in Guangzhou, including state -owned enterprises

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  1. 1 Guangdong Liang Liang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    2 Guangzhou Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    3 Guangzhou Jinhui Construction Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    4 Guangzhou Housing Construction Development Co., Ltd. Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    6 Guangzhou Huasheng Engineering Industry Co., Ltd.
    7 Guangzhou Construction Real Estate Company
    8 Guangzhou Huangpu District Construction Engineering Corporation
    9 Guangzhou House Development and Construction Co., Ltd.
    10 Guangdong Fourth Construction Engineering Company
    11 Guangdong Province First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    12 Guangdong Great Wall Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    15 Guangzhou Construction Machinery Construction Co., Ltd.
    16 Guangzhou Xie'an Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. n19 Guangzhou Fangshi Engineering General Contracting Co., Ltd.
    20 Guangzhou Engineering General Contracting Group Co., Ltd.
    21 Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. Housing Construction Company
    24 Guangzhou Nanjian Civil Engineering Co., Ltd.
    25 Guangzhou Zhujiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
    26 Guangzhou Zhenzhong Construction Co., Ltd. Guangdong Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    29 Yutong Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    30 Guangdong Huasheng Construction Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    34 Guangdong Zhongren Group Construction Co., Ltd.
    36 Guangzhou Jian'an Industrial Co., Ltd. n40 Guangdong Jingtong Highway Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd.
    41 Guangdong Chang Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.
    42 Guangdong Local Railway Construction Co., Ltd.
    43 Guangdong Guangmeishan Railway Engineering Co., Ltd. N44 Guangdong Hangsheng Engineering Co., Ltd.
    46 Guangdong Yuantian Engineering Company
    50 Guangdong Sixteen Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd.
    53 Guangzhou No. 1 Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering Co., Ltd.
    57 Guangzhou Third Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.
    58 Guangzhou Municipal Group Co., Ltd.
    59 Guangzhou Hengjia Construction Co., Ltd. N61 Guangzhou Baosheng Construction Industrial Co., Ltd.
    62 Guangdong Baohui Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    138 Guangdong Changhong Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. Construction Group Corporation
    141 Guangdong Zhongyuan Engineering Co., Ltd.
    142 Guangdong Xinyue Transportation Investment Co., Ltd.
    144 Guangzhou Fanan Transportation Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd.
    146 Guangdong Feida Transportation Engineering Co., Ltd.
    147 Guangdong Transportation Development Company
    148 Guangdong Sida Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.
    , etc. ...

  2. 1. Guangdong Province First Construction Company, Second Construction Company, Third Construction Company, and Guangzhou Congzhong Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd..
    2, Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.: Guangzhou Building takes "building millennium Yangcheng and building the Pearl of the South State" as its own responsibility. For more than 60 years, it has worked hard for more than 60 years. With the pace of the Republic, Essence The boutique comes from carving, and successfully begins with persistence. In August 2016, Guangzhou Construction Group ranked 319th among the "Fortune 500 Chinese Enterprises 2016".
    3, Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. [1] was founded in 1950 and passed through the state -owned construction engineering engineering of Guangzhou. The headquarters department of Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Construction Engineering Bureau, Guangzhou Construction Corporation and other development stages. In 1996, it was transferred to a limited company. In 2008, it merged with Guangzhou Municipal Group and Guangzhou Engineering General Contract Group. There are 19 direct enterprises, with a total asset of about 16 billion yuan. In 2010, it ranked among the 298th of the top 500 Chinese enterprises and ranked 16th in construction enterprises; it ranked 24th among the top 500 companies in Guangdong Province, which basically covered all the professional categories of the construction industry.
    4. Guangzhou Congzhong Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is a service provider providing professional and technical services for construction engineering companies, providing a one -stop all -round service. The main businesses include: service building professional contracting qualifications, design and construction integration qualifications, agencies for general contracting qualifications, qualification upgrades, increased items, real estate development, qualification annual inspections, and construction artists registration. The company has established cooperative relationships with many construction companies.

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