What security companies are there in Hangzhou

Those who specialize in the installation and sales of security projects, I think of Hangzhou entering the home security company

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  1. Hangzhou Jiazhi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Hangzhou Jiazhi Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 04, 2016. It is registered in Room 101-110, Building 8, Building 8, Building 8, Building 8, No. 611, Dongguan Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Essence
    The business scope includes general projects: technical services, technical development, technical consulting, technical exchanges, technical transfer, technical promotion; industrial robot manufacturing; industrial automatic control system installation manufacturing; intelligent basic manufacturing equipment manufacturing; intelligent control system integration; integration;智能机器人的研发;智能基础制造装备销售;智能仓储装备销售;工业机器人销售;智能机器人销售;人工智能硬件销售;软件开发;人工智能应用软件开发;信息系统集成服务;信息技术咨询服务;信息系统Operation and maintenance services; software sales; industrial robot installation and maintenance; mechanical equipment leasing; warehousing equipment leasing services (except for projects that must be approved according to law, operate business activities with business licenses according to law).
    Plip projects: import and export of goods; technology imports and exports (projects required to be approved according to law, operating activities can be carried out after approval by relevant departments, and specific business projects shall prevail the results of the approval). Hangzhou Jiazhi Technology Co., Ltd. invests in 1 company.

  2. Security Corporation: The three of Hikvision Dahua Technology Dahua Technology is the main security enterprise in Hangzhou, Zhejiang!

  3. Hikvision
    The H3C Huawei Sankang at the system point is now acquired by HP

    . Other small companies. If you have the ability to choose in these two

  4. Finding security companies depends on whether it has security qualifications. I found a list of enterprises that obtain security qualifications in Hangzhou from the Chinese security industry. After clicking, there are specific contact information:/njcd/2007/qyp/13/gcqy/gcxqzj
    In selected yearbooks, they should be heavyweight companies.

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