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  1. In the three years of the children's intelligent wearable industry, I summarized some product design related content of children's smart watches, including business level, product level and functional level. I will use some examples to talk about the functional design of children's smart watches.

    In recent years, the national economy has developed at a high speed, and many families have become larger and larger in educational costs. Many parents are willing to pay for their children in all aspects to cultivate children's various interests and hobbies — hosting , Music, painting, writing, programming, etc. Children are also in the "inside" in an environment without perception.
    This phenomenon made me think about why the world's world is "rolled", why children are also "rolled", is this "volume" of human nature?

    . My 5 -year -old niece likes the image of "Queen Aisha" in the animation "Frozen". Every time I hear the theme song of the ice and snow, I will sing with excitement: " Let It go! "My sister saw my niece like so much, so she took her to Disneyland for a weekend. After my nephew came back, she brought back various "Queen Aisha", skirts, crowns, and so on. My niece said to the kindergarten and said to the children, "I went to Disney and watched Queen Aisha." The children were also envious. One of the good friends of my niece said, "Ah! Okay! I didn’t go! After hearing other parents, other parents even organized a group to go to Disney.

    . When we were young, we were asked by relatives when we went home.
    After working, I was asked when I went home, how about work? How is the salary? Is there a male/girlfriend?
    has began to compare the grades and hobbies after having children ...
    has compared all the way from childhood to parents. Most people are not "children next door"
    parents always It is Wangzi Jackie Chan, registering various interest classes for children, and full of children's spare life arrangements. In a dazzling environment, the children also started various "comparison". It is in this environment that parents are willing to cultivate funds for their children.

    In the context of this, children's watches still have considerable markets and can become the mainstay of children's smart products. The group faced by children's watches is children aged 6-14. They need to understand the logical relationship behind parents and children. Why do parents are willing to spend hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan to get a child watch for children. Let me analyze it for everyone Essence

    1) In order to reward children
    Theweds as products with low value can be used as a means of rewarding children. Watch.
    2) In order to control children
    The children's watches on the market now, there are only two core functions -positioning and chat/call. The positioning is to solve the demand for safety. Many domestic parents like to control their children. The deeds of "traffickers" in the early years make our generation impress. The chat function also hopes to contact the child at all times to consider the safety of the child.
    Children's watches-Parent-end background data
    Because of business privacy, some core data is coded. I have taken the user in our APP and used the most of the most functions. We can we can use it. Seeing the most useful functions of users is positioning and micro -chat, accounting for nearly 40%, and in other functions -disabled and application supervision of class are also the top ten control data.

    1) Social
    The children all have an independent social circle. When we were young, we asked other children to go out to play. Different from the past, children only need to use mobile phones, watches and other communication devices, a phone or a message to find friends to play together.
    In domestic children's watches, small genius watches are still the leader of the industry. The reason is that the small genius is indeed better than other watches in social functions. Children have their own personal center and circle of friends, and they can send dynamics. Two children who don't know each other only need to touch the watch to become friends with each other.
    The social circle of small genius is independent and closed, and other watches cannot become friends of small genius watches. My colleague's child once said that if the children in their class do not need a small genius, they cannot become friends of each other. It really makes me sigh. The social circle of small genius is indeed not comparable to other brands.
    2) Excited point function
    For the original basic function, children's watches must add a lot of elements that excite children. To be far higher than adults, a good children's watch must have the function of exciting children.
    Theme market: In the 3G era, in the era of Android mobile phones, there were many flashing gods on the Internet, exquisite theme icons, smooth systems, so that users opened their eyes. Whether it is MIUI or other systems, users can immerse them.
    . For example, the Huawei "Astronisp" dial, which was popular before, burst into fire on the market. Many people spend thousands of yuan to buy a "huge sum of money" to buy a 6 yuan "astronaut dial". Watch is mainly due to its magical animation and the means of promoting marketing. The mainstream children's watches on the market have a personality appearance, exquisite theme and dial, and many people will pay for their face value. From the perspective of profit points, users' paid in the theme market can reach 10%-20%of the company's annual revenue, and the production cost is extremely low. Only a simple picture and cutting can be used to make the theme in the program to make the theme in the program. The dial, the result can also generate considerable benefits.
    Per application market: A good children's watch must give children users more choice. There is a thing that allows children to enrich their lives. Application -intelligent knowledge, music, stories, weather, AI, etc.
    3) Privacy
    In terms of privacy, parents and children are standing on the opposite side. Parents want to control their children's whereabouts, behaviors, and thoughts. The type of active behavior is the same as when we were young, and did not want parents to give us dead.
    The previous our products have done voice supervision and one -click supervision. In fact, this function is to meet the supervision of parents, but for children, this will make privacy now , I also chose to get off these two functions. So there is a privacy wearable device that children are willing to have it. Therefore, weighing between parents and children is also a key factor for children's watches to meet consumers.
    4) excellent interaction
    First of all, we must make it clear. The user group for our products is children. Children are characterized by active thinking and strong hands -on ability. Do not underestimate the creation and thinking ability of a child. I once tried the system version of the system just developed by a company for a 12 -year -old brother. In less than 20 minutes, he already played the function in the watch very six. It made me feel: big people, the times have changed.
    The children's watch requires good interaction, so you need to consider your child's behavior habits, try to use the simplest interaction to make children easy to understand, and attach fun. For example, in the chat, use keys to speak as the mainstream communication method, as less as three as possible on the page level.
    5) "Vanity Heart"
    not adults have vanity. In fact, children also have children. In the class, many children wear children's watches. A watch faction and no watch faction are formed. The child of my colleague is because the children's watches of a certain brand used by other classmates in the class, and he is another brand. Watch.

    The see the essence of the problem, get rid of the product design itself, observe the phenomenon of life, and think more about it.
    Ar Dai Fengyi, a product manager of the intelligent wearable industry, 3 years of work experience, responsible for children, adults, and elderly project business, WeChat: daify97.
    This diagram comes from UNSPLASH, based on the CC0 protocol.

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