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  1. Introduction: Guangxi Ping Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ping Aluminum Group), its predecessor was the Pingguo Aluminum Factory. It was established in July 1999 and was established in September 2007 as Guangxi Ping Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. The company's registered capital is 108 million yuan. It is a diversified enterprise group developed by aluminum, copper, wire and cable industry development, processing and manufacturing, product development and real estate, hotels, and import and export business. , Guangxi Ping Aluminum Doors and Window Technology Co., Ltd., Guangxi Ping Aluminum Special Cable Co., Ltd., Guangxi Pingguo Copper Aluminum Board Industry Co., Ltd., Guangxi Pingguo Jianan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Guangxi Pingguo County Jian'an Aluminum Model Co., Ltd., Guangxi Pingguo County Jian'an Aluminum Template Co., Ltd., Guangxi Pingguo County Ping Aluminum University Student Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd., and Zhanjiang Landmark Investment Co., Ltd. and other more than 10 subsidiaries.
    In led by the chairman Xie Zhiqiang, the company is based on "the resource advantage of Pingguo" and always adheres to the concept of scientific development. , Fighting, Innovation "enterprise spirit, make every effort to build the" Ping Aluminum "and" Jianbang "brands, making it bigger and stronger.
    If Ping Aluminum Group has won one of the top 100 enterprises in Guangxi from 2007 to 2017. In 2014, the top 100 companies in Guangxi ranked 45th. The top 50 ranks 11th. Over the years, Ping Aluminum Group has won honors such as AAA -level credit enterprises, Baise Civilized Enterprises, Guangxi Famous Brand Products, Well -known Trademarks in Guangxi, and Integrity Enterprises.
    The company is equipped with advanced technology equipment and modern quality testing facilities with an annual output of 150,000 tons of aluminum, 100,000 tons of aluminum bands, 100,000 tons of wires and cables, and 50,000 tons of copper production scale. The main industrial products include: anode oxidation, electro -painted paint, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spray paint, heat insulation, industrial profiles, aluminum plate belt and other high school -grade aluminum alloy products, as well as power cables, communications cables, electrical equipment cables, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, electrical appliances Equipment cables, fiber optic cables, nude wires and cable accessories, and oxygen copper rods and copper plates.
    The company's hotel industry and real estate industry have also developed rapidly with high -quality services, becoming the benchmark of Pingguo's industry.
    The company attaches great importance to the management of product and service quality, forming a complete set of standardized, scientific and standardized quality management and quality assurance systems. Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system, measurement management system certification, and "square" product qualified certification, ROHS EU environmental protection system certification, various management is always in control, and in the middle level of the product production process The level of the layer ensures the stability of the quality of the product.
    The company's "Ping Aluminum" brand and "Jianbang" brand products are deeply trusted by users. At present, aluminum building materials, aluminum industrial materials, wires and cables, copper and other products are sold well in domestic markets, which are exported to Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico and other countries.
    Legal representative: Xie Zhiqiang
    Established date: 1999-07-08
    registered capital: 108 million yuan
    The business status: Demonstration (in camp, opening, in the booking)
    industry industry: manufacturing
    company type: limited liability company (natural person investment or holding)
    Pighties scale: 5000: 5000 -9999 people
    Enterprise address: Pingguo Industrial Zone Aluminum Industry Park
    Operating scope: production, aluminum alloy window production, sales and aluminum alloy window installation, aluminum ingot purchase and sale; road general cargo transportation operation; self -made self; self -made The business inlet and outlet business, the subsidiary of the subsidiary is based on the production and operation of the project.

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