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  1. How to write a beauty salon Tuke Performance
    The beauty salon Tuocke and how to write. For those in the sales industry, the source of customers is the most important. Without the sales of customers, it cannot meet the standards. I often write down my feelings, and I will share how to write a beauty salon to the guests.
    The aesthetic salon to see how to write 1 Tuke activity, is it only the source of the customer? In fact, I thought so at the beginning. Until I really started doing this activity, when I saw different results of different stores, different results of different beauticians were found, I found More than you see on the surface.
    The customer source is just on the surface. When you see that the beautician through training, after participating in the training breakthrough, the glowing eyes, I know that they have begun to change, and people have a lot of potential cells. It is just that the potential cells of many people are half sleeping. Usually too many so -called reasons and excuses to themselves, make their mentality exaggerate, but when faced with their true self, they treat themselves seriously. In fact, they actually treat themselves. In fact, they actually treat themselves. Everyone's ability is much stronger than they think. People often live in a real society, but they always make themselves idealized. This may make their hearts better, or directly satisfy their vanity. In fact What did the store get? You can know what problems your store exists, who is doing results, who is doing tasks, and who is a mixed day. The question is to find some reasonable excuses or reasons to anesthetize yourself. The so -called giving, one point of harvest, short -sighted vision will inevitably take a lot of detours. If the eyes are like a torch, then the help of the store is very large, and you can clearer your development direction.
    So this activity is really a monster mirror. How do you usually treat guests? This activity will present the results without politeness. No matter whether we want to accept it, the results of reality will be in front of you.

    This beauty artist is more clear, every guest is not easy, and future work will be more intentional and effort!
    of course, some people will not be willing to accept this reality when they see the results of the activity. It can be said that this is sad and regrettable. Such a mentality will determine her future development. I hope she can come out and face it bravely. You know, sometimes our disdain, our pride, our pride, our pride, our pride, our pride, our pride, Our Qing Gao is often a stumbling block that hinders us to success. I just hope that every choice and decision will be made. Do n’t regret it in the future. Do n’t always lose our eyes by the illusion of life. Essence Essence
    The aesthetic salon Tuke perception how to write 2 has always been worried, that is, learning is not so difficult to learn. Now it is getting clearer. I am grateful to the teacher. Even if I am alone in the small shop, I am not confused. I feel that I am growing every day
    . Although there is no transaction today, I have worked hard to interview. Even if there is something wrong, I have been doing it. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I will continue. Thank you teacher for your guidance
    In -depth analysis
    The first is: customer positioning, portrait for customers, let us find the goals and directions faster, like a sniper, fast, accurate, and ruthless.
    In again how to interview customers and classify the type and content of the customer.
    The analysis method for teachers makes us such a culture not high, and people with stupid thoughts can improve quickly. It is really useful. I know what to do every day. When I finish this course, I want to learn how to learn next. Let me quickly cultivate excellent clerks, even if I am full of people
    This through the wonderful explanation of today's teacher, and realize that I still have a lot of deficiencies, there are many places that need to grow and learn.
    The teacher explained several important points of marketing today, market research, customer positioning, to customer identity in detail, and explained the specific use of the transaction customer to push down the technology and the four dimensions. The main points are also very important.

    It also have a clearer target direction and a few points that need to be improved in the future:
    1. Clear customer positioning (to be more detailed)
    2. Do not define the pain points of customers in general, find the most critical, the pain points that need to be solved at the moment
    3. Use the relationship between the upper and lower cut technology and the four dimensions to transaction customers
    4. Writing copywriting It is necessary to clearly reflect the four points
    5. The customer who has lost the interview
    The secrets of the beauty salon to see how to write 3 customers are: "Make the easiest money to make!" Now life The level has improved, everyone is not worried about food and clothing, and more pursuing a quality of life. Who is the best money in such an environment?
    It without me, everyone should understand that women and children's money is the best profit, because people who love beauty, especially women.
    The child's palm pearl of a family, for the children's parents and even grandparents, they are very willing to spend money.
    is indeed the case. Women pay most attention to their face and body, and at the expense of beauty, at the expense of beauty, throw a lot of money. And a beauty salon that can make it glowing and younger has become their best choice.
    The beauty technology is good, but the customer seems to be the sincerity of serving customers and the experience and feelings of the customer than technology.
    Below, we conduct specific analysis on how to develop and attract customers
    . The unique service characteristics
    creating the conditions for retaining customers. More than 80% of customers are women, and more than 80% of women are married housewives and white -collar workers who are over 30 years old.
    Why do they like to go to beauty salons? Because pursuing fashion, born love beauty or admiration vanity? Understand the psychology of customers, knowing that they can fight all the best.
    When the customer was asked why he came to the beauty salon, the answer was nothing more than: the beauty salon is more professional, the effect is better, the care trouble at home, good beauty salon equipment, good service, good environment, can learn if you can learn not Less beauty knowledge, relaxation of physical mood and so on.
    Therefore, beauty salons can serve customers targeted when serving. First of all, in terms of decoration design, it is necessary to be warm, generous, elegant, and charming atmosphere. R n Secondly, the service must be professional, choose a product service customer with a high degree of credibility or a high reputation; in addition, strengthen the training of the professional knowledge of the beauticians, introduce and update equipment, keep pace with the times, pay more attention to the industry's dynamics, introduce timely introduction New projects, only in this way can there be more chips that attract customers.
    . Powerful publicity
    The diversification of publicity channels, use all the propaganda methods that can be used, and cannot rely on a propaganda method to obtain the source of customers. Modern society is an Internet. In the era, making good use of the Internet is a prerequisite for the future development of beauty salons.
    Most customers before they are involved in beauty salons, almost all concepts come from publicity, so strong and timely advertising publicity is necessary.
    The promotional methods taken before are to send leaflets. Some people may say that it is still useful to send a leaflet now. So here is the use of guests. The key is how to design your leaflets, and then the leaflets are the leaflets of the leaflet. Distributing must be targeted
    This locking consumer groups, talk about publicity strategies, and seduce the information of the beauty salon for the people, and strive to impress the hearts and make customers subconsciously produce a personal experience of personal experience. Do not do propaganda, only seek the quality of the quantity, we only seek refinement, and spend the least money to do the most effective things.
    It is the use of online publicity. Network publicity is divided into soft text promotion, advertising, event promotion, event promotion, etc. Then there is offline publicity, such as: meeting publicity, organizing offline activities, free experience publicity, and so on. rn 利用促销和新项目,刺激顾客消费有效促销可以刺激顾客消费,美容院可根据销售季节来制订具有吸引力的促销计划,定期促销如店庆、元旦、春节、情人节、五一、 National Day
    . Customer care
    The tells a real story to the family, everyone understands that my lover prefers to make beauty. It was a relatively far away from home. Later, at our house near our house I opened a new store. At that time, I did n’t want to run so far, so I went to this newly opened store
    The shop decoration, but it was very warm, because it was often done, I saved a lot of procedures. Lover is a person who loves to laugh and laughs. In the process of doing beauty, the beautician chats with my lover until it is over. God, this beautician called my lover and said that he asked me to sit at home and send something to my lover. Generally speaking, I can understand what it means, and my lover declines. Maybe I guess, just knowing that I did n’t let go to the house, I gave my lover a place, and emphasized that I must go. My lover is not easy to say anything, so I went to
    Several packages of traditional Chinese medicine in my hand were handed to my lover. My lover was inexplicable. The beautician said the intention
    . She said that this was a medicine for back pain. I talked about it when I made a beauty last time and said, saying that I said, saying that I said, saying that I said, saying that I said, saying that I said, saying that I said, and said, I said, saying that I said, and said, I said, saying that I said, and said, I said, saying that I said, and said, I said, and said, I said, saying that I said, and said, I said, and said, I said that Every time you change the season, you will have back pain. My uncle is a traditional Chinese medicine medicine, and some studies on the disease in this area. I will tell him your situation and let him prescribe some medicines. Bar!
    If valid, I will let my uncle open a few pairs, I hope to be effective for you, no longer back pain, after talking and chatting, I will go home for a while
    since then, my lover and This beautician becomes a good friend. Now he is only going to this family, not to mention that it is not effective (in fact, the effect is very good, and the season is no longer hurting). Chatting must be grasped, don't just chat for chatting. During the chat process, use useful information, do a good job of customer care
    and then do not forget the customer’s birthday. Many successful beauty salons will be on the customer’s birthday’s birthday Send a warm blessing that day, and at the same time, it is indispensable to send a free care or the product suitable for her. Through these, it can also achieve unexpected results.

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