5 thoughts on “How did Xiaobai enter the professional dubbing circle and support herself?”

  1. At present, there are only Beijing and Shanghai with high dubbing development. There are many great dubbing teachers in these two places running various training courses. You can go to these professional training courses during winter and summer vacations. Knowing whether you are suitable for dubbing and knowing the working status of the voice actor. Maybe you can encounter a few kindergarten teachers to tell you the income situation. At that time, you can consider whether you want to engage in the dubbing industry. Don't look at a few well -known voice actors now come to the stage, and feel that the industry can be famous. There are many employees in the dubbing industry, and one or two are famous. China's dubbing industry still has a long way to go to Japan. If you do n’t really like dubbing, you ca n’t bear your temperament in the shed for a day, and you ca n’t calm your heart to improve yourself when you do n’t have a role for a long time, then you still do n’t choose this profession.

  2. I understand your mood very well. You must like dubbing very much, so you will be confused and tangled.
    First of all, as long as you want to make dubbing, there will be a way. Don't give up before you start! You say that your voice is still passing. It is the direction you have found recently to become a voice actor, and you want to support yourself, but you feel that it is difficult to enter the professional dubbing circle. But I want to tell you that since I like it, try to do it first, because the audio industry is now on the rise, all kinds of audio and video and anime works are endless, and you will have your chance.
    Secondly, to find a correct method, you need to meet two conditions to enter the professional dubbing circle. One is that you already have the ability to become a voice actor, and the other is that you can successfully connect the dubbing resources. These two conditions are satisfied by themselves. It is really difficult a few years ago, but now the audio market is developing, which can help you accelerate the way to complete this matter. Find an industry -related person to take you, or participate in a one to participate in a one. Studying class, I have seen Douyin a funny video of dubbing before, click in the homepage and found that their home is a professional dubbing teaching. It depends on yourself to do it!
    Cunge, what you want to do, go to the professional dream you want to realize!

  3. Please make sure you really like dubbing, not because you like a big or want to see dubbing in your circle, you can't stick to it without strong beliefs and love. Are you sure you really love for dubbing? Very good, give you some praise. Next, please spend at least one year to practice your foundation, including and not limited to general words, lips, teeth, tongue, tongue, and breath. At the same time, pay attention to the usual observation and accumulation, and encounter interesting people and things, pay attention to observation. More optimistic movie and TV series, learn how to express emotional expressions for emotional expression. If you have conditions, learn to perform! If you have conditions, learn to perform! If you have conditions, learn to perform! Say a few more things!

  4. If you really love and think about it, you can go to the professional training courses, such as 729, Voice of Victory, Yinxiong League, etc. have had training courses. Is it clear that this time is? Essence There are many doors in the dubbing, the layman does not understand at all, and the insiders can't explain a few words. They often have to communicate face -to -face, and have practices to understand the things. Professional or something, according to the interview with professional dubbing actors, this does not seem to be very important. Many people's majors have nothing to do with this, and we did not have the low entry threshold for dubbing in the place where the dubbing talents were specially cultivated. Talent, if there is really no talent, it is difficult to be difficult. Now there are some faults in the dubbing circle. Each studio is pushing newcomers. If they have talents, they are really willing to carry you. Although the big guys say that the most important thing is enthusiasm. There are many, the host, the drama actor transferred or amateur, it must be bitter just as soon as you enter the industry.

  5. In fact, it is generally difficult to enter the professional dubbing circle after professional learning. If you are interested, you can go to some training courses, or you are more talented and have good conditions. You can continue to practice and start with some small dubbing on the edge. First find a job that can feed yourself, practice in his spare time, and start with part -time jobs. Don't expect to enter the voice rings when you come out. Unless someone brings it, this circle is really small and closed.

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