5 thoughts on “At the age of 35, what are the industries that can I continue to work?”

  1. At the age of 35, what are the industries that can I continue to work? This must be determined in combination with your own conditions. If the education is not high and there is no technology, it is really difficult to find a job now. After all, the current companies can not recruit people while rejection of the older person. If there is no skill in education, it is even more difficult. If you have academic qualifications and skills, so many industries can still find jobs, and technical talents are promising. Many unemployed middle -aged people who have no skills without skills choose to send takeaway and open Didi, because the requirements of these two industries are not high. Relatively speaking If you work hard, the income is still a little higher than the work of working in the factory. It is still very friendly for those who cannot find a job at once. And you ca n’t learn any skills, so you really ca n’t find something at once. You can transition. Do n’t plan to do it for a long time. collapsed.
    So I have a job if you have academic qualifications and skills. Do n’t worry if you ca n’t find the right one at once. It ’s worth it for a few months to find a suitable job. of. If there is no education or skill, you can also find a job, but do not have too high your requirements and income expectations, but the rest of your life is basically hungry. If you want to make some money, you can also send takeaway and open dripping. Drop, but that's not a long time, how to choose in the end, depending on yourself! Before the age of 35, there must be a skill. In these 35 years of accumulation, you are not the best in your industry, but you are also rich in professional knowledge. You can first consider your previous work experience. Finally At this age, at this age, it is very embarrassing and can still rush. Although the market is not downturn, many investment is not easy to do, a small book and sale is enough to support your growth! Make money and make at least the maximum return!

  2. Hello, now there are more and more private cars. It has become a mobility tool for people. The relevant services needed to increase the prospects.
    First of all, auto repair majors are currently popular majors, with few cultural courses, more training courses, and students are easy to accept. By learning, you can not only cultivate students' interest in learning, but also consolidate in learning. The increasing increase in my country's automobile ownership has driven the rapid development of the auto repair industry. With the continuous popularization of cars, cars have changed from luxury goods to daily necessities, and car maintenance fields have been further expanded.
    Finally, it is about the choice of school. It is recommended to inspect the following aspects: 1) Teachers, whether there are enough and rich teaching resources; There are not many; 3) employment, whether the employment of students after graduation is good.
    Igd suggestions for your reference! Hope to help you, hope to adopt it!

  3. I think I can go to my previous work. At the age of 36, I am not old and young. If you don't want to do the previous work, you can try to open a small shop, or to do a freelancer. When you are in his thirties, you feel that it is not the end. It is a re -selected time period for the 36th.

  4. The industries that can be engaged are the sales industry, the takeaway industry, the communication industry, the data industry, and the computer industry. These are relatively popular industries.

  5. You can continue to engage in some technical industries, or some industries that do not need to look at age, which will have certain benefits for yourself, and can make yourself a stable income.

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