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  1. 1. The development of beauty in recent years has been rapid. People have the conditions and the ability to pursue beauty, so the demand for beauty is still very large, and the threshold of the beautician industry is low. Teacher likes the job of beauty and is passionate about work. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can endure hardships, it is still very simple to do.
    2. The biggest pressure of the beauty artist comes from performance. It is relatively difficult in the early stage. The salary will not be too high. It is relatively stable after turning. small.
    3. If you are considering opening a store, you can choose to join the brand business as a comprehensive store. You can still get a good return.

  2. With the improvement of economic conditions and the improvement of consumption level, people like to go to a beauty salon or health gallery to do beauty and regulate their bodies. This industry this industry is also developing rapidly, and there are a lot of demand for talents ...

    The employment prospects are broad, industry demand is strong

    Under the circumstances, beautyists are easy to find jobs. This is because the number of beauty salons and health halls has continued to increase, people's awareness of beauty and health care continues to increase, and personal health service consumption is also increasing.

    It as far as the environment of the beautician market is concerned, the beautician is still in a non -saturated state, and the talent demand is rising, especially the shortage of senior cosmetologists. Under the current situation of competition, senior beauty Shi became the popular citron of major beauty salons.

    The employment surface is wide and easy to transform

    The people think that the workplace of a beauty artist can only be beauty salons or health museums.

    This is a problem that everyone who is choosing or engaged in the beauty industry is thinking. For beauticians, there are more promotion opportunities in positions, and there is a large development space.

    It's manager, boss, and even rising from primary beauticians to high -end beauty scholars' beauty salons, bosses, bosses, and even rising to beauty tutors, beauty lecturers, trainers, agent dealers, manufacturers, and School managers and so on. And with the increasingly rich practical experience, the accumulation of primitive capital has been completed, from beauticians to senior managers.

    maintaining a love of one thing can stimulate your potential and desire! Believe, accept and persist, maintain a positive attitude at any time, and continue to learn, the prospect of the beauty industry is great! R n The development of my country's beauty industry is very strong

    The beauty industry is currently in the development stage in China. At the same time, it is called Chaoyang Industry by many industries. The development space is huge.

    This development extension is very strong. The development of my country's beauty industry not only drives the development of GDP, but also has achieved a large number of employees.

    has become a large industry with a large number of employment in my country. A set of data shows that the rapid development of the beauty industry not only brings huge benefits to the city, but also drives the development of township economy. According to surveys, the average monthly cost of township population will reach 50 yuan a month.

    low cost, high profit

    low cost, high profit. Yes, as the outside world said, the beauty industry is a huge profit industry. In one sentence, in addition to arms and poison, the beauty industry is the most profitable.

    C business people know that women and children's money is best to make. Indeed, the beauty industry also has such a word "where there is a woman, there is business opportunities."

    It is good, not to mention the era when everyone wants to become beautiful. For women, it is very willing to spend some money to become beautiful.

    The development analysis of the beauty industry

    has developed from the beginning of beauty, medical beauty, beauty equipment, and professional education industries. If the beauty industry Without making money, why are there so many chain stores in major and medium and even towns and villages? Judging from the development of big brand beauty cooperation stores, you can know the development trend of the beauty industry.

  3. The main related listed companies in the industry: Aoyuan Meigu (000615), Aimei (300896), Haohai Shengke (688366), Huaxi Biological (688363), East China Pharmaceutical (000963) and so on.
    The core data of this article: the number of diagnosis and treatment of beauty hospitals, the proportion of surgical project consumption
    medical beauty classification
    medical cosmetic department is a first -level diagnosis and treatment subject, and there are four different types of secondary diagnosis and treatment subjects. Including cosmetic surgery, beauty dentistry, beauty dermatology, and cosmetic Chinese medicine department. Among them, projects in beauty surgery can be divided into four grades. Fourth -level high -level projects can only be in the third -level plastic surgery hospital, with medical aesthetic or plastic surgery. Three -level comprehensive hospitals are carried out.
    CHD can be divided into surgery and non -surgical categories according to the intervention method. Surgical projects have fundamentally changed or improved the appearance of the facial and body parts, including eye surgery, nasal surgery, chest plastic surgery, and liposuction and weight loss; non -surgical projects are also called light medicine and beauty projects, including injection items and skin care Wait.
    The degree of acceptance of medical beauty
    Under the value of the face value, the public has a higher degree of acceptance of medical beauty. According to new oxygen data, 50.17%of the respondents said that they were completely accepted by medical beauty, and there were no people who did not accept medical beauty at all.
    The number of diagnosis and treatment of beauty hospitals increased year by year
    2016-2020, the number of diagnosis and treatment of beauty hospitals in my country showed an upward trend. In 2020, affected by the epidemic, the growth rate slowed down. The number of diagnosis and treatment of Chinese beauty hospitals was 88.930 million, a year -on -year increase of 6.16%.
    The surgical consumer goods are mainly concentrated in facial features
    In medical beauty surgery, the consumption of surgical projects is mainly concentrated in facial features, with a proportion of consumption as high as 24.74%; The consumption proportion is 8.64%, 8.1%, and 8%.
    The main consumer power is still female, but the proportion decreases year by year
    2019-2021. From the perspective of consumers' gender distribution, women are still the main force of consumption, occupying nearly 90 % of the consumer consumer groups, but but With the continuous attention of men's appearance, the proportion of medical beauty consumption is increasing year by year.
    In recent years, the number of diagnosis and treatment of beauty hospitals has increased year by year. Although the main consumption of the medical and beauty industry is still female, the proportion of men's consumption has gradually increased. In the future, under the wave of face -to -face economy, the medical beauty industry will usher in high -speed development.
    It data refer to the "Analysis Report of the Market Demand Planning and Investment Strategic Planning of the Chinese Medical Beauty Industry" of the Foresight Industry Research Institute.

  4. Liberty beauty artist is a on -site service for customers. Is this service formal development prospect in 2022? 1. Work salary: Liberty beauty artist is to find customers or cooperate with beauty salons, and then draw it from it. Generally between 30-40 percent. So if you want to pay high, you must be diligent enough. 2. Working hours: The working hours of free beauty divisions are relatively free, which is determined according to the needs of customers or their own situation. 3. Work mode: Liberty Beauty Master needs to extend the guests by themselves and slowly accumulate resources and connections. Therefore, no client was basically unemployed in the early stage, but after the client developed in the later period, the salary was still very rich.

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