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  1. Only the income of XXXX yuan a month. How to choose a financial management method? Since doing financial consultation, this is a kind of question for the most people. If you feel that your own self -control in financial management is not good, the knowledge reserves are not enough, or if you want to improve in financial management, you will first give you an reliable "Financial Training Camp" course: sign up " "Financial Training Camp" and like -minded people to learn financial management together!
    Today, let's talk about the real and efficient financial management methods.
    . Make deposits more
    . The first step of financial management is the deposit. First, save your first money, and then use this money to invest. Essence
    The method to take you to understand a method that can save you at least 13780 yuan within a year. It is 52 weeks of deposit money.
    52 weeks of deposit method means that the person who deposit money must deposit 10 yuan per week within 52 weeks a year, and then pay 10 yuan per week. In the 52nd week, it is 520 yuan. Essence
    keeps taking this way, so how much can I have in the end of the year?
    10 20 30 40 50 ………… ... 520 = 13780
    Although the starting amount is only 10 yuan, it can save 13780 yuan in a year. powerful.
    Naturally, everyone feels that it is really easy to save 10 yuan in the first week. 100 yuan is enough for you to start. Of course, you can also start with 1,000 yuan.
    It if there are balances, you can save money, there are more balances, and less balances.
    During the saving money, the amount of the amount should be appropriate. Do not break the files halfway, and do not take this money to use it halfway.
    It may be very hard to save money like this, then you can take a suitable amount from this part of the deposit every month, so that you can be satisfied with a more luxurious wish, and you can make effort and happily wealth management. Essence
    If fear of your own money plan, there is no way to persevere, or if you feel confused about what kind of financial products you should invest after the money is deposited, then I recommend you to join the wealth management training camp: only 50 places! Click to participate in the ability of "Financial Training Camp" to improve your amateur to make money
    . The method of wealth management of less money
    We all know that most of the investment bank deposits or fund fixed investment are used to use leisure money to prevent it from being prevented from being in order When using money urgently, this money cannot be cash, it will be very embarrassing.
    It, if your funds are not enough and there is no money for dominance at hand, what should I do?
    has nothing to do. This investment method can effectively solve everyone's problem, that is, the twelve investment method.
    The interpretation of the "Twelve Investment Law" is that it is a month to invest in a fixed -term investment product to get the best benefits and insist on investing every month.
    It this way, keep persist, you can mandate a sum of money every month, and you can use it for normal financial management. One year later, in addition to receiving interest every month, you can receive interest every month. There will also be a pen.
    In at this time, if you want to use a lot of funds, you can get the principal that you have already arrived or will get to the account to achieve your purpose.
    If there is no need to spend money, the principal, interest and investment amount this month can be used to continue investment.
    This can be used to invest in fund fixed investment and bank wealth management products.
    3. How should we make finances?
    Although there are many forms of wealth management products on the market, there are things in common in terms of principles and skills. For friends who have no idle money in their hands, they can start from below.
    It the first step. Of course, we must focus on normal life expenses, which means that before wealth management, we must ensure that the mobile funds in their lives are sufficient. Normally, it is best to leave 3 months of life.
    The money can also be stored in Alipay or WeChat change.
    It, other money can be used to invest in other money.
    as, even if the people of each class are different in the cost of financial management, the choice of working class is almost the same. People will have a lot of financial management, but ordinary people will put more money on bank wealth management, funds, stocks and gold.
    people's hearts will have a general estimate of the risks of each financial management method, which determines their specific configuration in each way. > Monetary Fund, the higher the risk, the higher the income.
    Among them, the stock fund is a floating income wealth management product. With the risk of risks, the revenue of the solid income is relatively fixed. The two cannot be compared. Compared with the investment stock, the risk will be reduced compared with the investment stock.
    For investors, collecting income can invest in high -risk wealth management products such as stocks and equity. Investment gold can be used to avoid risks.
    The theoretical knowledge is finished, and the focus of financial management depends on practical operation, otherwise it is useless to collect more information, and benefits are coming! "Financial Training Camp" takes you to easily and stable nuggets. Click to register

    The above is my answer to "Monthly, how to learn investment and financial management", and hope to adopt ~
    Click on the link to understand the wealth management training camp, so that you can do more with half the way to the road of wealth management!

  2. It is recommended that you financial management through bank channels. At present, there are many personal investment and financial management methods: regular, national debt, entrustment wealth management, funding, gold, trust, insurance, etc. for combined investment. The starting point of different investment in different products is different, and the corresponding risk levels are different. It is recommended that you can consult the relevant suggestions of the wealth management manager at our outlets.

  3. The study of investment and wealth management is actually managing their own property to manage their own property, and then achieve the purpose of giving money to money.

    It to learn investment and financial management, you must first invest in financial management. It is just learning alone. It is difficult to master this. Only by participating in and doing real investment and financial management can it succeed.

  4. Each person's income can basically be distinguished by labor income and asset income. The main source of income of most people is labor income, that is, the basic labor remuneration obtained in the company's work, asset income income requires a certain amount of original capital accumulation, and puts the income from labor revenue into the stock market, buying wealth management, funds, etc. Both benefits can be simply referred to as asset income.

    . The expenditure of each person can basically be summarized from five aspects of clothing, food, housing, and five aspects. , Traveling, etc.) to distinguish.

    If office workers to make financial management, it should be the remaining part of the income to reduce the fixed cost and after leaving the current plan for the current plan. I usually configure this part of the funds for personal financial management.

    1, living money management, that is, the money that may be used at any time in daily life. This part of money is mainly used to cope with daily expenses or accidents, and can also perform long -term investment increase operations at appropriate time. This part of money mainly considers the liquidity of funds. At present, the best configuration direction is a currency fund. The most common currency fund is Yu'ebao, but at present, the annualized yield of Yu'ebao is only about 2.1%. The currency funds with a highly stable yields I personally hold are the southern Tiantian profit currency B and Yifangda cash increase currency B. The annualized income is about 2.5%. The access to T 0 is convenient and fast, and its yield can also be ranked at the forefront of major currency funds for a long time.

    2, stable investment, that is, a part of the pursuit of stable income. The investment period of this part of the funds can be placed in half a year to two years, because the investment period is longer than the living money management, which means that it can get a higher return on the basis Wealth management products or bond funds can currently achieve about 5%of annualized income. China Merchants Bank, Tiantian Fund, and JD Finance can buy some good wealth management products. The essence is basically similar. They are all investment bonds in the later stage of the brokerage asset management plan. The risks are relatively controllable. In the later period, with the net value management of the fund and various asset management plans, the risk of credit bonds is superimposed. This part of the wealth management products also face some risks of losses, but the overall risk and volatility are much smaller than the stock.

    3, long -term investment, that is, the pursuit of long -term value -added assets. The investment period of this part of the funds is recommended to hold for at least 3 years, the investment period is longer, and the risk is greater. We can use risks to exchange income to choose some high -yield partial stock products, such as index funds and good Some active management funds. I personally buy some fund products through platforms such as Tiantian Fund and Alipay, which is also the main way we have greatly improved wealth management income.

    4, insurance protection, that is, buying various commercial insurance money. There are always risks other than in life, and the new crown epidemic in 2020 has given us a deep understanding of risks. It is very necessary to take out a part of the money to configure the insurance and pave the safe pad for yourself and the family. The essence of insurance is to use a small part of the money to prevent accidents that may be unbearable in the future, so it is not recommended that you allocate savings insurance as an investment, but choose consumer insurance with relatively low price. You can give the necessary protection at a critical moment to give the necessary protection. Essence At present, the four mainstream commercial insurance is critical illness insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, and accident insurance. Some good companies will allocate commercial insurance for employees. Some of the excellent companies will allocate additional business for employees and employees. Insurance. I personally strongly recommend everyone to sort out what insurance in their own name. It is recommended that everyone allocate at least a critical illness insurance to ensure that there is no need to rely on "water drops" when there is extreme situations.

    . Everyone's life cannot deal with money. The money is not universal, but there is no money. In fact, the premise of financial management is that you have to have spare money to operate, so the most important thing is never how to spend money, but how to make money. If we can put more than 80%of the energy on how to work well, earn more money, and then take out 10%of the energy to sort out the funds of the hand to make the asset allocation. I believe that the future is expected.

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