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  1. How to do community group purchase? Whether it is individual or enterprise, as long as you have the supply chain system, that is, there are supply, good products, teams that work hard together, and a set of professional community group purchase management software can make community group purchase.
    The current mainstream community group purchase operation methods have the following three types. It will also increase. However, in this model, the supply chain will be supplemented and improved to achieve the "store and warehouse". Stores are both retail nodes and storage sites.
    The stores can also inflow online applets at the same time. The online community group purchase business will also bring customers and traffic to offline stores, so as to achieve online and offline two -way diversion, open up development space, effectively improve effectively Brand awareness.
    The store layout case: Koala selection, prosperity based on convenience stores, and prosperity, one -meter fresh life and sky -based matching based on community fruit stores.
    2. Self -built warehousing type
    This is a "heavyweight" model. In this model, it pays more attention to creating the rear -end supply chain, which is costly. But the advantages are also obvious: product quality can be effective; user brand recognition is high.
    This mode is generally the selection of the giant's entry and the later players who are standing firmly. Once the system is completed, it can bring great advantages and operate efficiently and stable.
    The case of self -built warehousing type: Daily Fresh one daily spell together, Su Ning's Su Xiaoguan, food enjoys, etc.
    3. Platform procurement model
    The front end to sell through WeChat groups and small programs. After that, the company summarizes centralized procurement in the market with sales. This is the most initial and the lightest model. Basically, there is no need to invest, so it is also the best choice for many starting tracks or small -scale players.
    does not need to open a store, no inventory, and also avoid the problem of high store rental and pressure goods, and the self -mentioning method also eliminates the last mile logistics link, reducing the cost of the terminal delivery. Just focus on online operations and maintenance.
    Themes can refer to the operation mode, combine their own situation, choose the most suitable operation method for you, and then use professional tools for community group purchase, refined operations, so as to develop rapidly.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Select platforms and registered accounts. If you want to join the community group purchase, you must first choose a suitable community group purchase platform. The editor recommends that you can use a community group purchase small program. You can use it without registration. It also contains other marketing functions. 2. Establish a WeChat group purchase group, which will have a traffic foundation, which can help drive store sales and increase the revenue of the head of the group. The head of the regiment can first pull the friends around him, and then make a group fission in the form of rewards. 3. Group maintenance. In order to retain the existing personnel, it is recommended to issue relevant announcements in order to retain the existing personnel. If the group is useful, what benefits can the group members get.

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