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  1. Answer a littlenThe painter is a special type of work and is one of the special occupations that endanger physical health. You can retire in advance when applying for relevant procedures! For details, please refer to the following: Special types of work refers to the collective name of the post of special operators. It refers to a major harm that is susceptible to casualties and is prone to personnel casualties. The former Ministry of Labor of the National Labor set the work of underground, high -altitude, high temperature, special physical labor or other harmful physical health as special types of work and clarified the scope of special types of special types. Such as: welders, electricians, boiler workers, drivers, lifting workers, etc. Employees of national ownership enterprises and collective enterprises above the county are retired in advance in accordance with the following conditions: the special types of special workers must belong to the scope of special types of work stipulated by the competent department of the relevant industry of the State Council; For the total of 10 years of labor; for a total of 9 years in the underground, high temperature, etc.; those who have engaged in other harmful physical health have been accumulated for 8 years; the age of the male age is 55 years old, the female is 45 years old, and the continuous working age is 10 years old. Special types of work retirement; those who engage in other harmful health must work in the job for a total of 8 years. The approval form and related materials are approved by the Municipal Labor Security Bureau to approve the foreign offices. After the acceptance, the approval meets the regulations to handle the retirement conditions of injuries in advance, and it will be completed within 20 working days. Before the formal approval, the content of the proposed retirement time is publicized. The publicity time is 5 days. If there is no mass report or objection after the publicity, the labor security administrative department can only be approved.

  2. There are special types of painters. The key depends on the spray painter of that industry, not all spray painters are special types.

    is a special type of work. It should be approved by the Ministry of Labor before 1993 and the special type of work set by the competent department of your industry. It belongs to special work.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Edit, please wait a little bitnThere are special types of painters. The key depends on which industry you are. For example, the painter of the furniture industry is a special type of work. The special types of enterprises are implemented according to the relevant documents of the labor department for approval according to the competent department of this industry. There is a list of special types of work in the document approval. Labor departments at all levels and labor and capital departments of enterprises have such documents, and between various industries, special types of work cannot be implemented, and can only be implemented in accordance with the implementation of the industry.nSpecial types of work refers to: engaged in underground, high -altitude, high temperature, particularly heavy physical labor or other harmful physical health, the retirement age is 55 years old and 45 years old.n1 morenBleak

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