1 thought on “Does the country of Neiqiu County Rong improved well?”

  1. The Guorong of Neiqiu County is not easy to advance.
    Guo Rong Company was officially established on January 20, 2016. In December 2020, under the leadership of the county government, the county's state -owned enterprises were integrated and reorganized. Wanyuan Water, Kangrong Municipal, Garden Bo Investment, Safe Housing Company, Shengyuan Water Supply, Loan Water, Longchang Grain and Oil, Litai Building, Transportation Engineering Company, Shunsheng Construction, Shengzhou City, Junsheng Trading, Lisheng Real Estate Industry , Rongyi Media, Raising Cultural Tourism), participating in one company (Xingtai Hengyuan Chemical). The scope of operation covers the water supply industry, forest operations and management and protection, the construction of affordable housing, public transportation industry, land -level industry, advertising industry, urban infrastructure construction, comprehensive agricultural development, river governance, grain storage and distribution, building raw materials, coal, minerals, minerals, minerals, minerals, and minerals , Agricultural and sideline products such as business operations, construction engineering (level 3), municipal engineering (level 3), garden greening engineering, real estate development and sales, highway maintenance (class B level B), etc. The credit rating of the Neiqiu County Sub -branch in China Agricultural Development Bank is a Class A.

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