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  1. If you want to find a job high efficiency, first of all, your own resume must be perfect. You can play your own strengths and project experience, what are the leading role in the project you have done, what benefits you have created for the company, these are all of the benefits for the company. It can increase your own gold content.
    In addition, after the resume is perfect, online needs to be actively submitted to your resume. As long as you have the initiative to come to you, you can talk online or look at the job requirements and salary of the other party. Don't just vote on a resume on an online recruitment online, and vote on a few websites, which can greatly improve the employment efficiency.
    In addition, the education itself is also a very important condition. If your education does not reach a college, it is easy to be brushed down. Therefore, it is best to be helpful to improve your education, which is also very helpful.
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  2. First, understand market demand
    second, recognize yourself
    After understanding the market demand, you also need to recognize yourself. This requires you to review yourself from all aspects, including ability, personality, skills, family, family, family, family In interpersonal relationships, only by recognizing yourself can you avoid getting your position that you don't like, cause frequent resignation, and leave stains for yourself.
    third, do a good job of recording
    The record work should not be underestimated. Before the interview, make a plan and list the list of interviews. What is the focus of the description, which step of the interviews of individual companies, these can greatly improve your efficiency.
    If, the establishment of information channels
    If information channels are essential for candidates. The school recruitment of schools, and the external clubs or major laboratories are great ways to obtain information. Good information Channels can make you one step fast, so establishing information channels is the key.
    Fifth, choose the recruitment platform
    The excellent recruitment platform will not have too many chaos and false information, which can save you a lot of experience, so that you can have more time to leave other links. In my opinion, 51JOB, Zhilian, British Talent, BOSS direct hires are a relatively good recruitment platform.
    Is sixth, resume protruding
    For the interview, the resume can be said to be a top priority. It can be said that the resume is your facade. There is no good resume. There will be, and naturally cannot find the job you want efficiently.
    Seventh, prepare before the interview
    The interview can be said to be the last link of finding a job. Naturally, you need to prepare well to avoid making the previous effort and abandonment. You need to screen the questions that may be asked at this stage, have a draft of some answers, and strive to be confident and sincere, and express your best side. I believe you can succeed

  3. First, what channels to find jobs.
    1, online mode: network recruitment platform. As long as your work intentions are clear, online recruitment is relatively efficient way. After telephone communication and network screening, they can quickly get HR interview invitations and feedback, and then select the more favorite job from batch interview invitations.
    2, offline mode: job fair and acquaintance introduced.

    The recruitment festival
    The recruitment fairs in the talent market are not fixed, but it is also the most dense place for enterprises to gather. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in the job fair for "Haitao". It can quickly judge the industry or enterprise you expect in half a day or even hours, and communicate with HR on the spot.
    Myntorphic introduction is also a means most of the job seekers will use. Its advantage is that it can know the problem and solve the problem of incorrect recruitment information. Finding a job is the hardest for job seekers. If you do n’t know, those who can come out of Baidu have always been the side that the company wants to see, so the introduction of acquaintances can better let you have a comprehensive in -depth understanding of the company before joining the job, save time, and take less detours.
    . What preparation do you need to do during the process of finding a job.

    Personal resume
    Whether it is an online electronic resume or a paper resume at the job fair, it is a must -have for your job to find a job. For resumes, we should follow the STAR rule (do not know how to Baidu Baidu) to write a targeted resume, and avoid "a resume to break through the world." To do a different resume for every job you want to apply for, you can review the specifics of the editor on December 4th to find a job to find a job. With such a resume, it is more clear.
    3. What to pay attention to during the interview.

    IV interviews, interviewers
    A editor about this topic has written several articles for analysis. If necessary, you can review it. Speaking of 10,000 thousands of ways, follow the principle of "doing things and doing things honestly and honestly", do not "find yourself" as soon as you open your mouth.
    four, several offers in hand, how to choose.

    The choice has always been a problem. Whether it is red roses or white roses, there will be another regret when choosing one. If you know what you want, the choice will not exist. But most people will be tangled at this time. At this time, if you still don't know how to choose before you think about it, then exclusion will be a very useful method. List wages, positions, prospects, corporate culture and other factors and eliminate it. What you need is the rest.

  4. 1. The recruitment website is basically unreliable, including the three major, the water is relatively large, and the good companies will have their own recruitment system. This is more reliable, and then a preaching session and a job fair.
    2. Basically, the group noodles are as long as the campus recruitment is more, and the interviews with group noodles are basically doing basic work, so the more important characteristics of the group face should be understanding, implementation of execution, execution Force, reactiveness, as for leadership, organizational strength, and good degree.
    3. The corporate culture is very important, but what is the official said, the free Bulabula is tip. The company's vision is the company's vision. It is people who really do things. Generally, there are no more people in the previous position. 20, the route they do is basically related to the leadership ideas, not the company's vision.

  5. 1
    . Being a active person
    The essence of a person is active rather than passive. Human beings can not only choose a response method for a specific environment, but also actively create a favorable environment. The current and future behavior is responsible, guided by principles rather than emotional or external environment. Give full play to the four unique endowments of human beings -consciousness, conscience, imagination and autonomy.

    . Formulating an appropriate actual work plan
    The designated work plan daily. Do a list of work and arrange the specific tasks you need to do daily according to the priority. In addition, similar jobs are best arranged together for easy thinking. First handle emergency work, then important work, and finally handle simple and slow work. The designated work plan daily work can there be directions and do not go wrong.

    . Concentrated energy at work
    The concentrated energy during work and devoted himself to work. Avoid distraction, learn to do one thing for concentration, and do it well. Do n’t work hard at work, so that you can only pick up sesame and watermelon, and even everything will not be done.

    . Learn to decompose and simplify the work
    P. When a job is piled up in front of you like a mountain, do not hard -head, so it is not good at all. The first task is to decompose and simplify the work, simplify the mountains in front of them into small hills, and do more with less effort.

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