The part -time job recruitment information of the entry network is fake, only 300 yuan is paid above, but in fact, even if you pay 6000, you will not get the manuscript.

4 thoughts on “The part -time job recruitment information of the entry network is fake, only 300 yuan is paid above, but in fact, even if you pay 6000, you will not get the manuscript.”

  1. Dare to ask if you know that you are asking for advertising? Can you think of your toes?
    This is so popular in computers this era, and individuals can typing, writers are online.
    How to make such a good thing, do you have money to collect a few words?
    Im advertisements are issued everywhere, and such high salaries need to be pulled everywhere?
    If the mouse can type, you can give you real gold and silver. How can there be so many graduates who can't find a job in the world?

    The dirty routine is just a few types. You first take a seat.

    1, claims to recruit, and then use various names -deposit, deposit, deposit, file construction fee, integrity gold, clothing fee, medical examination fee, training fee -let you pay.
    Whether it is online, on TV or on newspapers, you should have heard those black agents. Do you have to cry and shout to pay the group of people?

    2, claiming to be a task, let you send junk advertisements everywhere, recruit more people, and pull people up layer by layer.
    , even if the other party does not want you to be free, I really give you two melons.
    You has to advertise for the scammers. When the money of the terminal illness is cheated, the medical custard is cheated, and the false fraud information is sold, so that the minor children do not enter the college entrance examination for the training institution, and let the lack of money students go. Do you believe those who make money to pay the banknotes obediently?
    Now you can know why there are so many recruitment advertisements. How much money does a person give, why not look for you such a good thing?

    3, claim to type, let you pay the postage of the courier first, and then the other party adds you blacklist to play for you to disappear.
    In the country where this news media is monitored by the government, the publisher can be opened casually,
    The can be posted or fictional publishing houses, claiming to recruit part -time typing, so that you can let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you let you make it. Go to fooled? For example, those who call the publishing house or the fictional publishing house, the questioner and the respondent sings one by one to advocate that a certain publisher is true and reliable, without exception, you believe that you can really pay for the money.

    4, claim to post it, let your mobile phone register input verification code, personality signature, secretly customize high -price information services, deduct your call fee until the stop.
    . For example, those who want you to enter your mobile phone number or try to trick your mobile phone number. You must be careful about such places. Identity information, do not stick the mobile phone number everywhere, afraid that you will not fall in insurance, intermediary, fraud, and cut the group.

    5, claim to make money, give you a suspicious link, and let you contribute the click rate and popularity for it.
    This of the spirit to order these advertisements, set up online fees and electricity bills, and consume your vision and energy and time.

    6, claim to verify yourself, ask you to provide a bank card, flicker you enter the password to take the opportunity to rob the balance inside.
    The security of personal information, no matter how emphasizes, are not too much, be careful. Targets on TV and online have been reported many times, and some people still have to believe it. Maybe they should be a few more times, which is a kind of education.

    7, claiming to be entrepreneurial, asking you to pull people to develop offline, claim how much investment and how much return.
    did you see the kitchen knife door passed by Wulin?
    In three knives is the Black Iron Brothers, buy 30 brothers, buy 300 silver brothers, buy 3,000 gold brothers, there are diamond brothers on it,
    Using the value of the product, relying on the development of people to develop offline,
    No matter how they claim to be self -proclaimed and how they are advertised.

    Is those who sell online store advertisements, advertisements are issued everywhere, waiting for you to come from investing.
    It every day, looking forward to you listening to their mouths, bringing them rich benefits.
    and netizens who are deeply disgusted with advertising, what do you draw you?
    If you can't distinguish it clearly, or find an advertisement with them, you don't need to say more about it.

    8, claim to be part -time, send you to poison content, infect your chat tools, and send money to your friends.
    last year, a friend met: the other party used the chat tool to pretend to be a friend, claiming to have a car accident and asked him to remit money to help him. Fortunately, he found that it was fraud in time.

    This online store advertisements. Each person's username is Q number, which advocates making money. You want to buy his software and pull you as his offline. This way Even if the crazy network cutting cannot be contained, do you have to push the flames? Do you have to go to the bottom of the pyramid that develops offline?

  2. It is impossible to advise those who believe that recruiting typists can pay for each thousand or 10,000 words! It was ready to lie to you, there is no good thing in the world! Such a low -level labor will pay you such a high salary. If a book is at least 100,000 words, how high you will cost it yourself! Intersection Intersection
    Except for scammers, who will pay such a high compensation to recruit some people who do not have any qualifications to engage in such a simple and high -remuneration job! Intersection Intersection
    This scammers publish fake recruitment information everywhere.
    The first, make a fake name, what is the publisher/editorial department/printing factory/typography/cultural company. Essence Anyway, most people don't know, they will ask them to ask themselves to answer false advertisements.
    second, posing. The names and addresses are indeed a publishing house, but they are their own, and their own private accounts are their own. You know, the country's enterprise, institutional or private foreign capital, etc., it is impossible to give individuals to an external economic activity account! Intersection
    This scammers, the prices they typed are higher than the manuscript of the average author! is it possible? Those who have your head should use your head to think about it! Intersection
    The discussion at the end, greedy for cheap loss, do not make Zhizhi faint. Is there a good thing to drop pie in the world? You tell me! Intersection Intersection

  3. Not to mention that online part -time entry is fake, that is, the intermediary company is also fake.
    The Zhongtian Sunshine in Tianjin published an advertisement everywhere, saying that the part -time part -time text was entered. When there was a 200 yuan membership fee, a mailbox number was given. Essence You can send your personal resume to this mailbox. Only the automatic reply is obtained. We will give you information within 1-3 working days. Now that the fucking day is 10 working days, I have issued it several times to get it It is still just automatic reply.
    The Zhongtian Sunshine of Tianjin is a liar, only deceives membership fees, 200 yuan per person, don't believe it.

  4. Fake? undoubtedly! How can I make such a good money? Besides, does modern technology still use to enter the word -of -handwriting in verbatim?

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