4 thoughts on “Are there any part -time jobs in the architectural design industry?”

  1. As a veteran who has been engaged in the architectural design industry for many years, you must answer this question.
    The long -term business, receiving private work, and even part -time salary exceeded the right salary. Let's talk about the background first. After graduating from the School of Architecture of a second -tier cities, I entered state -owned enterprises after graduation. The work is stable and the time is relatively abundant.
    For me, the introduction of the pot friends is a good way, but it is relatively limited. After all, friends do not always have a job to do it for you, and there are only a few designers and friends. In the later period, the resources are not enough. Next, we will consider other ways. However, of course, you can pack yourself first, and your excellent works can attract people. If you have a part -time work without your own work, then I suggest you still prepare more of your own satisfactory work, or to complete your ability to show your ability and upload them to some websites or platforms. I chose to choose Different types of works are released. There are many such websites. You can choose some of your favorite channels. There are always appropriate opportunities. It is more commonly used to say that some of the one I usually use is Gude Design Network and the Western China Network. Another is that although the ant setting network is a relatively new platform, it has a milestone mode competition mode, which is safe and secure. Then there is a home -designed home, design groups, anyway, there are relatively good ones, you will also pay attention. Even if ZBJ is too messy, the service items are too wide. Strong platform. After publishing the work, followed by the project release of the platform, and carefully select bids according to your ability and time.
    This opportunities to have a lot of opportunities. If you feel confident in your own ability and feel that the current status of wages is sufficient, you can try these ways. In any case, you can also be used as an accumulation or practice. The hard -working design road.

  2. The professional requirements of architectural design have strong requirements for aesthetic and professional capabilities. Part -time jobs can do some designs related to design, or can improve your aesthetic work.

  3. Answer the question of the main question directly:
    It, there are a lot of part -time jobs in the construction industry, let alone the architectural design industry,
    If the subject wants to find some design class work, you can go directly to BOSS, hunting and recruitment Looking for it, there are websites such as Zhu Bajie;
    Of course, I want to work part -time through the certificate. It is recommended that the main topic of the WeChat Mini Program: 51 Architects, chat with the enterprise face -to -face, and the prices of the certificate are not discounted.

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