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  1. 1. Jigong Family-Finding Live Recruitment Software

    Guijiajia is a relatively large platform for the construction of the construction site. Power workers, construction workers, tile workers, hydropower workers, welders, installation workers, decoration workers, shelf workers, reinforcement workers, miscellaneous workers, plastering workers, construction workers, data staff and other types of construction workers can use Ji workers to find Living platform to find live. In addition, there are the functions of recruitment, working overtime, finding workers, working sites, work sites, workshops, workmates, notes, and bookkeeping functions on nearby. Make construction workers more efficient, smarter, and more convenient.

    2. The construction site is looking for a job recruitment software
    The construction site to find a job. The type of recruitment workers covers the types of front -line construction work, such as shelf workers, steel bars, welders, electrical workers, tile workers, plastering workers, carpentry, supporting models, etc., making workers find a job to find a job.
    3, construction site recruitment and recruitment software
    The construction site recruitment platform is a recruitment platform for professional construction labor industry services. The crowd targeted is construction workers, such as building woodworking, steel workers, hydropower, welders, mud workers, mud workers , Miscellaneous workers, plastering workers, concrete workers, small workers. The team leader and contractor can publish recruitment information. Workers can find work, convenient and easy to find.

    4, construction recruitment software
    building recruitment is a living platform that focuses on construction workers recruitment. It is mainly aimed at the construction site recruitment and the construction industry to find a job. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of various workers such as workshop workshops and construction site attendance. Provide construction workers with reliable construction of work and efficient work service service services for work.

    The construction site recruitment software is better, in fact, it also varies from person to person. From the perspective of Xiaobian's own point of view, Jiwu's recruitment software for construction sites is more targeted and more suitable than some software recruitment software in the market.

  2. First of all, you can go to the labor market hosted by the local labor department. It is more secure and security. In fact, it is some recruitment apps. The information inside is true and false, and you need to identify it carefully. Another is the local employment WeChat group. WeChat group with a salary of salary was completed on the same day, but the salary was relatively low, because the person introduced the work should pump water.

  3. Most of the migrant workers around me, including myself, are using a software called fish bubble net. It is still very good. Just hang your personal information directly to the platform. Write your work experience. , And the real -name authentication, a boss will contact you directly when you see it. Just keep the phone unblocked. Of course, you can also take the initiative to find it. It is a more reliable way.
    The rapid development of the Internet, most recruiters have now moved to online, and they are all developing a model of Internet . It is also possible to immediately live in the contractor. Software of sex is not known by most people.

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