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  1. Shenzhen's industrial structure highlights the "three main": economic increase is mainly based on emerging industries, and emerging industries have contributed 40.9%to GDP growth; industry is mainly based on advanced manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing accounts for more than 70%of the industry; The three industries are dominated by modern service industries, and the service industry accounts for 60.5%of GDP, and the proportion of modern service industries accounts for more than 70%. Among them, the four pillar industries in Shenzhen are cultural and creative industries, high -tech industries, modern logistics, and financial industries; strategic emerging industries include biological industries, new energy industries, and Internet industries.
    The strong and strong development of the four pillar industries helped Shenzhen's economic growth, and at the same time, emerging industries are also steadily developing. According to statistics, the added value of emerging industries, including the new generation of information technology industries, cultural and creative industries, Internet industries, new material industries, and biological industries has maintained a trend. Among them, from 387.822 billion yuan in 2012 to 784.772 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 102.4%.
    In addition to the four pillar industries and strategic emerging industries, future industries are also very important areas. In the future, Shenzhen's industrial structure will be more diversified, and it will develop steadily under the common development of pillar industries, emerging industries, and future industries.

  2. Shenzhen mainly uses electronic products, as well as logistics and freight, import and export, real estate development, sales, etc., and there are no cores and unsatisfactory cores. Speaking of the core, it should be counted as the real estate and electronic industry, but the export of Shenzhen's exports should The volume is the largest city in the country. The export value of a month reached hundreds of millions. The total export tax refund in April 2009 reached more than 5:00.

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