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  1. Do you know the bedroom and wardrobe storage and finishing method? In order to solve your doubts, the following is the bedroom and wardrobe storage and finishing skills that I carefully edited for you. Welcome to read!
    The arrangement of the arrangement of sweet space
    (1) Do not put debris except the necessary table lamps. The fragmented supplies are stored in the drawer
    (2) the pillows and quilts on the bed should be in order Put it, do not have other supplies.
    (3) The carpet is kept clean, clean, and not messy, and the ground walks smoothly.
    (4) The curtains are opened to both sides of the window, and tied with straps to make the sun be fully shot into the house.
    (5) The air in the wardrobe is fresh, without mold and tide.
    (6) Open the closet. The commonly used clothing is classified according to the length and is classified by color. The seasoning is stored in order, and the overall layout is orderly.
    The mysterious arrangement method that makes couples more loving
    (1) Sort the closet from throwing away the "chicken ribs" clothing
    (2) How to deal with old clothing: transfer to sisters, second -hand market markets , Waste use.
    Tips: The clothes in the season have not been worn once, and the figure has changed. The color or style is not suitable for the current age. It has damaged or stains. There is no stylish style that has been popular in recent years.
    (3) The main points of clothing that can bring good luck: make the clothing according to the season, color, and use of large classifications, divide the wardrobe into several large pieces, and then organize in each type; do not want to do it; Putting the closet too full will affect the circulation of the air.
    (4) The primary principle of finishing is that it cannot be placed randomly
    (5) Wardrobe finishing method with a sense of stability: Foldable clothing is placed from shallow to deep according to color to deep, in order to make it in order It is convenient to use, and can be stored in the suspended storage basket. There is no horizontal partition wardrobe in the middle. There are several sets of transparent material drawing storage boxes below. Go in, the hanging clothes are suspended according to the length and weight, the long dark coat, the windbreaker hangs the outside.
    Tips: The wardrobe is relatively closed, it is easy to produce moisture, and it is easy to bring into dust. You should often take out the clothes and clean it.
    (6) The tall method of tall container: The top is a more difficult place to access. You can place seasonal quilts and storage boxes. It is more convenient to store the storage box in front. The things that are only used and the old things that are not commonly used, but you can't hear things. In the middle are the easiest golden area to access. You can store daily things. It is convenient to take things below. Children's toys, putting something often used, can use hanger, dedicated cabinets, drawers, cabinets, etc. for interval.
    (7) Make full use of the space deep in the wardrobe: If the depth of the wardrobe is possible, you can choose a storage basket that is similar to the cabinet.
    Tips: How to get a larger storage space -avoid choosing inconsistent or round storage baskets of the upper and lower widths. The price of plastic baskets with handle is relatively low and easy to clean. If you can use it on the lower level, you can choose a style with a pulley.
    (8) Make full use of the gap between the wall and the wardrobe room to make a drying rod. The clothes worn outside can be hung up.
    (9) Use a box with a pulley to complete the change season for the clothes. The cabinet is deep. You can buy a storage box with a pulley to classify the clothes of each season.
    Tips: Adjust the height of the hanging rod to avoid the friction of clothes. Many families' architectural structures have their own closets, and they need to be designed in the closet. When installation, the crossbars are staggered at height, which can avoid the friction of clothing.
    (10) The clothing of the past two months is storage with an open shelf (the wardrobe space is not enough).
    (11) Use the door of the wardrobe to storage: If the door of the wardrobe is not pushed, the inside of the door can be installed to hang a variety of small items. If you want to be cleaner, you can install it. You can install it. The hard wire mesh, use the S -shaped hook, hang the belt, silk scarf, and tie up. If the door of the cabinet is narrow, you can install a towel rack.
    This tips: use the iron wire mesh -on the inside of the door fan, behind the door or the side of the cabinet, you can hang the basket and hook.
    (12) The storage of small appliances for common appliances — can put common small appliances such as iron, vacuum cleaner, etc. into the opaque band of a pulley with a pulley, and put it at the bottom of the wardrobe.
    (13) The wonderful use of iron basket -replace the storage box or storage box with an iron basket, and use track to fix the basket to use it. It will be much more convenient. The thickness of the basket is small, and in the same size grid, a height of a storage box can be installed with 3 to 4 baskets to store shirts and T -shirts.
    (14) Use a hook to change the crowded state -prepare some longer S -shaped hooks, add a relatively short clothing between the two coats to avoid crowds on the shoulders.
    (15) The whole set of clothes uses two hanger to match the storage.
    (16) Set up neat ties, silk scarves -use the scaling hanger, install on the side of the wardrobe, and hang the silk scarf with pants to avoid wrinkles. The belt can be hung on the head with a small S hook, and the tie is hung on the telescopic rack with a special hook. If the depth of the wardrobe is not enough, you can use a drawer -type split storage box to install a silk scarf and tie, organize it into the same size and put it in the color.
    (17) Increase the number of pants storage -you can choose a long shelf to increase the storage capacity of the pants. The wardrobe is hung along the tartar -length hanger in the depth of the wardrobe, and then hangs on multiple hams on the bottom to hang pants.
    (18) What should I do if the clothes are always running out when the door is closed? Plug in small nails on both sides of the wardrobe, and use them to gather clothes so that they will not be pinched when closing the door.
    (19) The storage of the hat: If the space is sufficient, you can hang a ring -connected iron chain on the wall and hang the hat on the iron chain with the S -shaped hook; The hat, put the stiffly below, and stack it up.
    (20) Demonstrate large jewelry: Use the wire mesh to make a jewelry wall, select a beautiful wire mesh, fix it near the dresser, and hang the earrings and necklaces on it.
    (21) ingenious DIY storage small parts of small parts -display method: Find a large sponge, like the ring box; put a layer of cloth on the soft foam plastic outer outer, insert the earrings in.
    Tips: The use of the straw -cut the straw and adjust the length with scissors, put the chain into the straw, and then expose the decorative part to easily solve the problem of entanglement.
    (22) Bag control
    If the wall is free, you can install the frame. If you need to put it in the basket, you can be intertwined according to the size of the size.
    Tips: Using the book gear to organize the bag -use the vertical partition of the book gear to place several bags in a group to avoid squeezing.
    The ingenious organizational method of bringing career
    (1) The easier way to find the T -shirt to find: you can add the lining cardboard below each T -shirt, so that you will not mess up when you find it over. Other clothes.
    (2) The supporting rod that can be drawn is a good helper for deep closet.
    Tips: If cashmere, silk, etc. should be placed at a high place as much as possible to avoid insects and humidity. Cotton clothes washed with water can be stored below.
    Stime use DIY
    (1) Build a simple shelf with a wooden board: prepare two pieces of the same specifications on both sides of the closet with double -sided glue The board is placed above. Below can be placed in a chakra storage basket, and items can be continued above.
    Tips: It can be used in waste. Find out the empty jar and empty boxes. It is made into the height of the drawer.
    (2) Use a carton as a drawer and a locker.
    (3) Use a carton to replace the pulley.

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