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  1. Chengdu Yicheng Express Hotel Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. With the approval of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce (Chengdu Yicheng Express Hotel Management Co., Ltd.). The company is a professional hotel management company that develops economical chain hotel operations, boutique hotels, professional hotel management, chain hotel event planning, market research analysis, management consultant consultation, etc. The company's main brand with "Yicheng" as a hotel managed, the company strives to work hard to do many services such as hotels and tourism management, consulting and consultants.
    has developed to 5 subordinate hotel stores, and the radiation surface has been to Sichuan, Yunnan. Three to 5 years have been radiated to the entire southwestern region. The company is located in the Red Archway, Wuhou District, Chengdu, with a scale of about 30 people. The office facilities are complete, the operating system is complete, the employee benefits are excellent, and the supporting software such as the company's publicity website is also closely constructed. With the development concept of "down -to -earth and people -oriented", the company emerged in the Chengdu hotel management industry.

  2. Chengdu Tingyue Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a hotel management company known for its professionalization. The company is based on Chengdu and nationwide. It is committed to the professional management business of resort hotels, urban business hotels, theme hotels, boutique hotels and other projects.
    The company has a number of experienced and exquisite business and high -quality management teams and professional manager teams. The main business is to provide hotels with entrusted management, assistance management, opening preparation management, consultant consulting, professional training, property management, etc. Serve. At the same time, the hotel's contract operation, leasing operation and other related businesses.

    Inmedly, Chengdu Tingyue Hotel Management Company based on advanced business philosophy, extraordinary marketing public relations capabilities, and superb management teams, and successively undertaken the northern Vanke City Hotel in Guangzhou, Xiamen Zhongdeze Villa Resort Hotel, Guangzhou Aiqun Huijing Bay Club, Sichuan Panzhihua Sanyuan Hotel, Hebei Tianhe Group Coral Sea Series Hotel, Sichuan Electric Power Company Emergency Base Hotel and other management businesses, and participated in investment and managing the management of the Emei Mountain Garden City Resort in Sichuan. At the same time, the company has a number of hotel projects actively negotiating and is about to reach a cooperation intention.

  3. The Accord Hotel Management Company, an Australian hotel management group, can go to all parts of the country to help the owners inspect. From the location, market research, talent output will help the owners and greatly help.

  4. There are a lot of Chengdu Hotel Management Company. In addition to other answers, Chengdu also has a rising star. Chengdu Hi Peanut Hotel Management Consulting Company, specializing in hotel consultants and training, also has physical hotels. You can Baidu.

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