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  1. Ancient construction brick and tile manufacturers are Furich.
    The design and construction of ancient construction projects: ancient construction projects, ancient construction and repair, ancient construction courtyard courtyard, temple, archway, gazebo, gallery, door, tower, drama building, courtyard, square, etc. In order to adapt to market demand and promote ancient construction culture, technical ancient ancient construction enterprises composed of many elites in the industry.
    The design company has a special design of landscape garden engineering, the design of the construction industry (construction engineering) design, the project cost consultation, the level of urban and rural planning, the construction decoration engineering design ) Design Class C; construction companies have the first level of ancient construction engineering, three general contracting of construction projects, three levels of general contracting for municipal public engineering construction, third -level steel structure engineering contracting, secondary of construction decoration engineering, urban and road lighting Engineering contract three -level qualifications.

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