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  1. First, the first basic cost of cat sand pot, water bowl, grain bowl, cat toy, cat climbing rack
    The price of cat sand pots varies, there are ten yuan each, and there are currently the highest -end electric cat sand pots , Can automatically clean up about thousands of yuan for cat feces and urine. Under normal circumstances, everyone can accept fifty to 100 yuan. The quality is also good. Water bowl and grain bowl. The normal price of ceramics is around 20 yuan. If you fed more foods for cats, you can add another milk bowl and meat bowl. Try not to mix various foods together. Cat toys are the most commonly used cat sticks. Cat climbing is the most expensive toy, which is between one hundred and 300.

    . Cat food, cat sand
    Cat food must be eaten well, the best imported. Normal imported cat food prices are different. Forty yuan to more than 100 yuan belong to the price that most parents can accept. Domestic cat food is best to eat more than 20 yuan. Do not eat domestic cat food under fifteen yuan. The quality is too poor, and the cat's health will naturally be poor. Once a healthy problem occurs, a pet hospital can not be solved by a few pounds of cat food. Normal cats eat about three pounds of cat food a month. According to my cat's use of French Royal Royal and El Cross Berry, the cats are mixed with it. The monthly cat food is 95 yuan. Cat sands are generally two types: pussy soil and tofu cat litter. The pussy soil is generally 20 yuan and 20 pounds. Tofu cat sand is between 20 and 30 yuan. The normal pussy soil is between one bag and two bags, and two bags to three bags are used for tofu cat sand.

    . Cat snacks
    In someone to use canned cats and wonderful fresh bags as snacks. Four months after the cat, dry food must be a staple food. Any nutrition cream cannot replace it. However, there will be two to three times a week to eat meat, milk, and eggs. Canned cats, wonderful fresh bags, nutrition creams, etc. sold on the market are different. It is recommended to buy a little more expensive. Such as imported cans and imported nutrition creams.

    . Vaccination
    The vaccine must be vaccinated by cats. Each vaccine is 80 yuan per vaccine. At present, everyone is often used by Pfizer. The first year cat was vaccinated three times, once a year in the future. Rabies vaccine 50 yuan. Once each year.

    five. Beauty washing
    This cats take a bath twice a year. It is not recommended to take a bath often. One is easy to occur in skin diseases, and the other is to get cold and sick. Cat combs are normal 10 yuan to 50 yuan. Washing cats are normal above 50 yuan. Do not buy cheap ones, do not stimulate cats to get skin disease because of bathing.
    OK, everyone can count it, what is the continuous cost of cats? How much does it take for a year? In addition to the fixed initial supplies, cat food and cat litter are consumed. The cost is not high. It is about 100 yuan. It is easy to eat, and the monthly consumption is up to 200 yuan. However, don't think that this is enough to raise a cat. In fact, the highest cost of cats is actually medical costs.

    . The highest cost of cats is medical cost. are you ready?
    The cats are the same as raising children, especially when raising kittens, often with problems such as diarrhea, tears, sneezing, skin diseases, etc. Some parents find problems and do not solve them in time until they can only go to pet hospitals to solve. Every time I go to the pet hospital, there are thousands of thousands to a few hundred. Blood is used to take blood and injections, and cats suffer from various sins. If you are not good, you will come back with other illnesses. Therefore, parents must understand some methods of feeding knowledge and cats' simple problems. But most new parents do not know how to deal with it. This requires the seller to guide. Therefore, sellers play a very critical role in feeding and guidance. Parents must also polish their eyes. First of all, they must choose a cat from a reliable cat house. The professional cat house can guide you at any time to feed your knowledge and some disease treatment methods. This is not only to save the pet hospital, but also the risk of cats infected with other diseases. It mainly saves a lot of medical expenses. It may take thousands of yuan to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, but after the dial of professionals, you may spend a few dollars to solve the problem.
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