1 thought on “Can the general hang the cat's home?”

  1. You can
    The earliest generals and printeds in the generals were yellow!
    The name is on the top of the head when the name is on the printed.
    Because in ancient times, the India was chocate, and the orange and yellow were near red, so the yellow hair was called India.
    Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, as long as there is a yellow hair on the forehead or on the back, it can be called the general's seal and the general seal. Remember, there is only this yellow hair on the whole body, and the other parts are still pure colors.
    but it is too difficult to get these color matching. After processing of celebrities of all ages, the requirements of this seal gradually become less strict. Yes, they are all called generals to print/generals.
    , although the conditions are so loose, this general's seal and general negative seal can still be encountered.
    The white cat to find only one piece of white or yellow or civet color is not particularly difficult, but because this different color hair grows right, it cannot be the general to make the general seal/general seal.
    black cats are even more difficult, because most of the black cats are female cats, so either pure black or three flowers, extremely difficult to find.

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