Which is the best in Chongqing pet shop?

My family raised a teddy dog. I usually didn't have time to take care of. I wanted to find a pet shop to help take care of it, but the general shop was not assured. Which is the best in Chongqing pet shop? Urgent! urgent ! urgent !

3 thoughts on “Which is the best in Chongqing pet shop?”

  1. Changde's pet shop is
    The pet hospital near Xinyi Village. Dr. Zhao has a dog selling it, there is a family next to the family, and some are sold. , The boss is very good at business, the price is relatively high, and then there is a paparazzi team, a shop opened by young people, and a dog sells. There is one of the Golden Diamond Plaza. There is also a soap fruit. There are bridges, I don't remember the name. Essence You can inquire everywhere

  2. If you are in Yubei District, I can recommend it to you, and you have to say a place. Essence Essence Essence Opposite the Wal -Mart Road in Yubei, there is a family, which is not bad. The boss himself has three dogs and a teddy.

  3. If the price silver is of course "good", so expensive, the same thing is much more expensive than the other family. The beautiful Mao products I bought there are exactly the same cheaper and 50 yuan. In terms of bargaining, if your dog often makes beauty, it is best not to find those facades to decorate. Some "wild stalls" are not well done.

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