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  1. Big Cat chasing Ai Crystal Ball is episode 48.
    "Big Cat Chasing Love", the big cat bought a crystal ball, the boss opened the price of fifty, the big cat bargained 30, as a result, Lin Mang directly cut it to three pieces, not even the big cat could not see it. Go down.
    The story of "The Great Cat Chasing Love" took place in Beijing. A group of young people who grew up together have entered the society with confidence and dreams. Beijing girl cat, determined to be a top advertising creator. She gave up a generous sales work and entered the Creative Department as an intern.
    . As soon as she reported, the female boss arranged a blind date for the big cat. The life of the big cat is like a roller coaster. The girlfriends of the big cats also face emotional problems: Xiao Qiao fell in love with her boyfriend Qi Jiang for 10 years, but learned that his mother did not like himself, and at the same time, young entrepreneur He Yi also pursued himself enthusiastically; after Sakurazi broke up with her boyfriend Kuan, Inadvertently met the boss Lao Fan, leading to a miracle.
    and the big cats with a scorching work, while cultivating feelings with Peig, they were pursued by the bamboo horse. On the one hand, it is a young bamboo horse, and on the other hand, a thoughtful man, the big cat is difficult to choose inside. In the course of life, several young people tasted the sweetness and sweetness of life, and finally found their own direction and true love.

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