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  1. Any mammal animal, including humans, is like this. When there is no ability to be born, it can only be fed by mothers to survive. The cat family has a strong breeding ability, but in fact, there are very few kittens that can survive under the wild conditions. Every spring and summer, the cats are the most prosperous, so at this time, it is easy to see pregnant female cats or kitten cats.

    But the field environment is complicated. Many female cats can't even take care of themselves, let alone take care of their children. So many poor kittens can only listen to the sky outside. Without the help of good people, the probability of their survival is minimal.

    It will not feed if you pick up a small milk cat? You need to find out this "Guidance of Milk Cat Feeding"! Today, Eight Sauce will share with you how to feed the cats that have not been weaned.

    The first thing to be clear is that cats can slowly quit milk after about one month earlier and start adding solid food. Of course, this is the earliest situation. Normal female cats are fed a longer longer. Therefore, if you pick up a cat who can only drink milk and not eat solid food, then you have to do a "fighting preparation" that is at least one month. The moment you pick up milk cats and decide to help it, you need to prepare the following things as soon as possible.
    : Pet bottle
    Because the kitten's mouth is small, it is difficult to feed milk if the bottle used for use. Therefore, in order to prevent the milk powder from being fed, it is best to go to the pet shop to buy a pet bottle. If you can't buy a pet bottle temporarily, go to the pharmacy to buy the milliliter of small needle tube to replace the bottle to feed the kitten.

    : Pet milk powder
    The kittens are weak. If you feed wrong things, it is easy to pull dilute. In order to prevent this, after picking up a cat, please do not feed it any milk and sheep milk powder with inappropriate temperatures. It is better to feed the kitten. It is better to choose a more reliable pet goat milk powder. If not, you can go to the market to buy fresh goat milk or go to the supermarket to buy Shuhua milk temporarily. It must be remembered that the temperature of the milk must be grasped well, and it is not too cold and hot. The principle that follows is to drip the rushing milk on the inside of the wrist.

    third: Pet urine pad
    Because the kitten has no ability to defecate at this time, it requires manual assistance. Under normal circumstances, cats' bowel movements and urine need to lick the anus stimulation. Therefore, when artificially fed it, it is necessary to wipe the baby's butt with a soft paper towel every hour. The pet urine pad is to prevent cats from pushing the urine everywhere, so that the blanket is stained.

    Fourth: Warm -keeping blanket and a small carton
    The kitten's ability to adapt to temperature is very poor. It is necessary to increase the survival rate of cats and arrange them at a suitable temperature. In general, the ideal temperature of cat nests is more appropriate between thirty and thirty -five degrees. If the indoor temperature is relatively low, it is best to prepare some warm equipment for the kitten to prevent the cat from shock due to low body temperature.

    . After preparing these basic things, it is necessary to rely on the infinite patience of the rescue. Because the feeding frequency of kittens is very short, it often makes the rescue feel very tired. For example, cats within one week of birth need to be fed every two hours. If the kitten refuses, it may be fed every other time to achieve the daily needs of the cat.

    Eight sauce once rescued five or six kittens who had not weaned. Except for a kitten, the rest of the remaining stubbornly survived. If you read this feeding guide, there are still unclear places, you can leave a message to Bazhuo, Bazao will reply carefully when you see it.

  2. 1. Scientific feeding.
    The milk cat is about a month, and you can feed with low -fat comfort. You can also try to feed with milk (try it, see that there is no diarrhea, you can feed, if diarrhea, you can use goat milk powder), cats can be weaned after two months. After that, you can feed the kitten food softly. Remember that the cat food soaked in water must be eaten immediately, not for too long, otherwise it is easy to mold!
    2. Pay attention to defecation.
    The kitten who just picked up home was normal a few days ago. It is normal for a long time to be hungry, stomach space or kittens with stress reaction.
    3. Physical examination.
    bring to a regular professional hospital for examination, and ask the veterinarian to check whether the cat is injured or sick. If you find the littering cat, you must remember to leave the cat back. The new cat is best to put a room alone, first adapt to the environment, and slowly let the two cats familiar with each other's smell. Be sure not to rush to achieve success, so as not to have a stress reaction! After you have hugged the new cat, when you touch the old cat, you must remember to wash your hands and change clothes first, because all the diseases have a latent period. For example, infectious peritonitis, this disease cannot be diagnosed before the onset of onset. For cats, it is safer to pay more attention and pay more attention to the status of cats.
    4. Determine whether you have the ability to raise.
    If decide to adopt, you must fully examine whether you are capable. Caring for cats must not be enthusiastic, but also has financial ability, and sufficient patience. In fact, raising cats, like raising babies, is worried and laborious. If you are unable to raise, you can find a reliable adoption family at relatives and friends and animal hospitals or online to help cats. If you find the lost cat, it is very difficult to raise two cats.

  3. You can find a friend around you to see if there are those who want to raise a cat to foster them, so that you will not delay you find a cat yourself, as long as you have time, you can go to your friend's house to see this little milk Cats, you get two stone, and you are very loving. I agree with your approach. After all, those stray cats are very pitiful. They should be hungry for a long time, or you can directly adopt the little milk cat, but you have to take it also You have also found the cats before, and two are raised together. Maybe there is a companion.

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