4 thoughts on “What is the reason why cats often stick to you and sleep around you in the summer?”

  1. The reason why cats often stick to the owner and sleep beside the owner in the summer is that the cat thinks that staying with the owner has a sense of security and cultivates a more intimate relationship with the owner, so he will stick to the owner when he sleeps. At this time, the owner should not live up to the cat's approach. He can try to touch the cat's belly and take the opportunity to enjoy the opportunity to be alone with the cat to increase the relationship between the owner and the cat. When sleeping with cats, the owner should also pay attention to that after all, cats have evolved in wild animals, and they may have attacking people who are sleeping, and the owner should still beware of injuries.

    The cat's personality is high -cold, and there are cute types. Compared to high -cold cats, cute types of cats prefer to entangle the owner and enjoy being with the owner. Time. In the hot summer, the cat will also choose to stay with the owner in a quilt to enjoy the drowning from the owner. Since the cat expresses his emotions to the owner, the owner may wish to respond to the cat to give the cat a sufficient sense of security. The cats accompanied by the owner are more likely to accept foreign things and will not exclude it with strangers. I believe that with a period of time, the cat's psychological emotions are satisfied, and it is also great for psychological development and health.
    Is when the owner sleeps with cats, there are some things to pay attention to: because cats like to shuttle in the grass on weekdays, and they often mix on the garbage discarded by humans, so it is likely to be physical on the body. Infected parasites. When a cat is asleep by our side, we can observe whether the cat can fleas. When we find that the cat has itching movements, the owner is asked to hold the cat back to the nest to avoid transmitting it to humans. For families with children in the family, try not to let cats get closer, so as not to accidentally catch the naughty child, which can easily cause infections at the wound. When the cat accidentally bite the child, he needs to take the child to get a rabies vaccine to avoid infection with the rabies virus.
    So, what interaction do you usually have with cats?

  2. because I love you. Cats are very direct in expressing love, sticking to the owner and protecting the owner. Cats will protect the owner in the night and sleep with the owner.

  3. Cats are a very good companion pet. The cat sticks to the owner because it trusts the owner very much. That's why there is such a move.

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