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  1. Cat vomiting is one of the common diseases of cats, which may be caused by cats with a highly developed vomiting center. However, there are many reasons for cat vomiting, sometimes the cat's self -regulation of the stomach and intestines, sometimes it is a precursor to the fatal disease. Essence Cats have the habit of licking hair for self -cleaning. In the process of licking the hair, some cat hair will be swallowed into the cat's belly. When the cat's hair accumulates to a certain amount, the cat will drain the cat hair from vomiting and vomit. The things are generally coarse -like wool or cats with mucus. This phenomenon is called a "vomiting ball", which is a means of self -regulating the stomach of the cat. If the cat accidentally eats a small amount of foreign objects (such as the head, a small amount of plastic, etc.), the foreign body can be discharged from the body through this means. Treatment method: When this happens, parents generally do not need to worry about it. Cats can recover health after vomiting, but if there is a loss of appetite, you can feed cats to take lactase raw (or yeast tablets, healthy stomach and diet tablets, Eaterborn) This kind of healthy drugs for digestion.
    Reason two: Cat gastrointestinal sensitivity. Cat gastrointestinal sensitivity is also one of the causes of cat vomiting. When the food used by cats does not fit the appetite, vomiting or even diarrhea will occur.
    The treatment method: For cats for cats for low -sensitive cat food, it is recommended to be natural cat food, because the commercial cat food is additives and seductive agents (from the formula whether it is natural grains or commercial food) and natural cats are natural cats and natural cats There are no these chemical components in the food, which will stimulate the cat's gastrointestinal system. This low -sensitive duck salmon is the best duck on the body! It can also be removed in summer, which can reduce cat vomiting

    Reason three: acute gastroenteritis. Cat vomiting is one of the main symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, mainly because cats eat improper foods of deterioration. While vomiting, it is usually accompanied by diarrhea, fever, and weakness. Most vomiting is persistent. Vomit is food residue and gastric juice. In severe cases, vomit is yellow -green or brown.
    Treatment method: When this symptoms occur, the owner should first review whether he has given the cat inappropriate food and resolutely put an end to feeding such foods in the future. Gastroenteritis treatment must be fast first, because food and water can stimulate the cat's stomach and increase the cat's vomiting symptoms. Starting from the vomiting of cats, it is forbidden to ban water until it is not vomiting for at least 8 hours in a row to drink a small amount of warm water for the cat. The amount of salt can be added in the water to avoid dehydration. When vomiting is about 24 hours, you can give the cat some digestible foods that are easy to digest. Such as baby rice noodles or soft cat food. Drug therapy while fasting water: Sodium Anxilin Sodium 0.5ml (kittens) or 0.7-0.8ml (cat) in the subcutaneous injection, the dose of the second injection should be slightly smaller than the first time; oral lactase; Life, twice a day, three to four pieces once, if there is vomiting, then take the stomach and restore one piece, twice a day (or the subcutaneous injection of the stomach resume, the first half, the next day Way twice in the afternoon). After injection of Anjin Xilin sodium, it usually improved the next day.

  2. Did you spit the ball? If you do n’t spit the ball, you have been vomiting, and go to the hospital to take a look, because my roommate ’s cat’ s heart was the case before, and I did n’t eat it very much. Only cure the beef ingots

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