What to do if cats are particularly stinky at home. Cats and stinky houses are really hard to stay!

1 thought on “What to do if cats are particularly stinky at home. Cats and stinky houses are really hard to stay!”

  1. The owner of a cat at home needs to replace the cat's cat litter in time; and clean the cat's urine and poop. The indoor needs to open the window to ventilate in time; the cat food is used as a staple food to change the cat's stink. After nourishing cat smells at home, cat litter cats usually use cat litter, the owner should shovel shit in time, and cat litter should be replaced frequently. Full of odor. Cat sand replacement suggests every three days. If there is no time, it is better to replace once a week. This is not only to remove the odor, but also to reduce the breeding of bacteria. Some cats suffer from urinary tract because of cat litter not replaced often.
    This owls at home need to open windows and ventilation. Some owners usually do not teach cats or cats are too young. I haven't learned to go to the toilet in cat sand for the time being. Cats often do so and the owner does not clean up in time, then it is easy to cause the family to taste. The owner must clean and disinfect the family again. You can spray some quick fun, and usually open more windows to ventilate.
    The cat food at home requires cat food main food. I always eat a lot of meat for cats but do not give it more water, so that cats can be stinky. Essence To solve it, you need to adjust the dietary structure properly. The daily suggestions are to use cat food as a staple food, and occasionally feed it some supplementary foods, such as beef and chicken breasts. The important thing is to prepare enough water to feed the cat. If you don't get angry, the taste will not be so heavy.

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