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  1. It is said that cats are not fake, and small animals will be a bit clean, and cats are the same. Cat licking his face is a habit. It will lick your face regardless of whether it is clean or clean. This is also a regular action of a cat. Just like us, don't everyone have their own habits.
    Sometimes we look at the cat's face, which is obviously clean, but it will choose to lick its face all the time. There is a little small cleanliness.
    Is about why cats are clean and licking their faces. There are two reasons. First: Cat loves cleanliness, because it is a bit or less clean, otherwise it will not have a clean face and lick the face.
    : It is used to licking the face. After the cat is full, you will choose to lick your face before going to bed. We see that our hair is messy, and do you have to sort out your hair with your hands? The same is true for cats. When you see your own hair neat, you will use the way of licking your face to sort out his hair.

  2. Cats are a bit small, which has a lot to do with their habits. Sometimes we see the cat's face clearly, but it still licks and washed. In this regard, we can see that it loves cleanliness. I think this is still preparing before doing something, such as sleeping.
    The cat owners of our family usually do not wash their faces often, but there are two things that they will wash their faces. One of them is to wash their faces when it just eats, and they are eating it. In the case of more satisfaction, the face washing will be long. Sometimes it doesn't have much to do with its dirty or dirty or dirty. The other is that when the cat is ready to sleep, he will lick his body and face before going to bed, and this preparation will be very long. After everything is ready, they will enter a relatively deep sleep.
    Is all know that the cat's sleep is shallow. Many times they sleep down and sleep, but do not mean that they really fall asleep in depth. Only when they feel comfortable and want to sleep, will they always clean themselves.

  3. The cat has a habit, that is, when your hair is dirty or full, you will lick your tongue to sort out your hair. This kind of conventional combing hair, but sometimes, the cat's face is not dirty, and no food is not eaten. Why do you also lick your face? Is it really the legend that every cat has a cleanliness? Of course, this is not the case. Xiao Nengjie will talk to you about this phenomenon.
    The contradictory heart is making monsters
    The behavior of cat licking lips quickly means that it is becoming more and more excited, and it also means that something is attracting it to make it very confused. This reaction is called "replacement activity". It is like humans scratch their heads when they see or doubt. The cat will lick the face when doubt and contradiction.
    It what makes it irritable and curious, it will generate two role in the heart at the same time. Cats are sitting there, and they want to leave and want to stay. To solve the confusion, use this trivial licking to break the embarrassing situation, and it also shows the irritability and anxiety of the cat. Different types of animals reflect differently in this situation. Some will stab their claws, and some will use their back claws to scratch their ears. Birds will grind their mouths on the branches, and gorillas grab their chin and arms. The favorite for the family is licking the tongue.
    How to test this reflection of the cat at home
    The curious friends who want to try whether the cat in his own family is like this. There is a simple way here. You can get a coin and scrape it back and forth on the comb. This can produce the sound of cat curious. Almost the cat's "giggling giggle" sounded by the combs and coins, and you will stare at the comb on your hand and then start licking your lips after a few seconds. After you have watched you through your drama, you have lost interest in the comb. Only by walking, if you want to capture the "shoveling officer" of the cat's cute lips, you can try this method.
    The cats will have such a reaction because they don't like vibrating treble noise, but they are very curious about what it is, and it will make such a sound. Why is the cat's vibration of such sounds and curiosity has always been a mystery. Some scientists say that this sound represents the danger signal of the animal world, such as the sound of the soundtake "Grigari". In the gene, this can explain why cats heard why the sound of combs and coins was irritable and curious.
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