If we want to raise a cat, what should we choose, what should we pay attention to when buying a cat?

4 thoughts on “If we want to raise a cat, what should we choose, what should we pay attention to when buying a cat?”

  1. If we want to raise a cat, what should we choose, what should we pay attention to when buying a cat? Nowadays, more and more people like to raise some cats in addition to pet dogs, but for a person with difficulty choices, buying a cat is a rare problem and there are many cats of cats. If you do n’t know about cats, it ’s easy to be pitted when buying cats, so if we want to raise a cat in life, how should we choose? What should we pay attention to during the selection process?
    First we should prepare some cotton swabs before going to the pet shop. The purpose is to check whether there are mites in the kitten's ears, but the cat's ears are generally referred to as ear mites. If the cat has this disease, it is difficult to cure. If there are other cats in the home, the disease will be transmitted to other cats, so this is the first thing we need to check first!
    The second thing we need to pay attention to is to see if the cat's butt is left with secretions, which is directly related to the health of the cat's physical health! If the cat's butt is still left with a secretion that it has pulled the stomach before, this cat will not be the cat we want to choose!
    3: We can touch the cat's nose with our hands, and the air emitted from the nose is hotter than usual, which means that the kitten may have a cold and fever, and the cat's nose may be It should not be too dry nor too humid. This is also one of the unhealthy performances of cats!
    The fourth step: Observe whether the cat's tail is raised. This cat can be active in life. In one, we touch the cat's whole body to see if there is some hair, whether there are some blocks or more stiff backs on the back!
    I. After we choose to raise a kitten, we should bear the responsibility we should be responsible. We must leave more time to accompany them. "Growth", especially cats, are still difficult to adapt at the beginning of a new environment. We have to take a cat to check the body every time, which is also responsible for the health of the cat!

  2. It is recommended to buy cats for about 3 months. At this time, the kittens are almost learned to use cat litter, and there is no need for a lot of heart. When buying a cat, you need to get more than three, and learn about the market. Do not buy cats with swollen stomachs.

  3. If we want to raise a cat, we must pay attention to the cat's personality characteristics and their living habits when choosing a cat. Be sure to pay attention to ourselves when cats and cats. Cats and their own intimacy contain some behavior habits and physical conditions of cats.

  4. First of all, it should be dependent on the cat's product, and it depends on whether the cat has vitality, depends on whether the cat's body is deformity or skin disease, and whether the cat is tamed, depends on whether the cat's ears are in the ear mites.

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